Akshay Kumar: The South industry is much better when it comes to professionalism and technology

Image Source - Instagram

The new villain of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar has been garnering a lot of appreciation for his stunning performance in ‘2.0’. The film also stars Rajinikanth. Akshay Kumar, who is known for his punctuality and hard work, spoke about the things that Bollywood should imbibe from the South film industry.

We asked the Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar about his experience of working in the south industry. The Khiladi Kumar said, “Not only in terms of professionalism, they are much more advanced in terms of technology too. They start shooting sharp on the given time i.e. 7.30 means 7.30. Here, 7.30 means they give you the option of coming at 9.00.”

After knowing his opinion about both the industries, we asked Akshay Kumar about the reason behind this habit among Bollywood stars.  Akshay Kumar said, “When I look at the difference between both the industries, I think a newcomer should do 5 films in the South industry and then come to Bollywood. This way, the new generation will be more punctual and advanced with the technologies in filmmaking.”

Akshay Kumar has delivered some amazing films during the span of his career. The ace actor said, “In one single day, they take about 35-40 shots and here in Bollywood, we do about 12-13 shots. Most importantly, they know how to value someone’s time. They taught me how to respect someone’s time.”

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