Anil Kapoor: There’s a lot to learn from the West

Actor-producer Anil Kapoor, who is busy gearing up for “24: Season 2”, feels there is a lot that writers in India can learn from those in the west.

Anil, who starred in and produced “24”, the Indian adaptation of the eponymous American show, told IANS: “I personally feel television writing in the west is something else… It is phenomenal, and beyond everything. They are way ahead of us definitely.”

“We have great content in India, but we don’t have great writers who can put them on celluloid or make great TV stories. There is a certain science to it and obviously they have mastered in it. There is a lot to learn from them,” he added.

Ever since the first season of “24” launched in India in 2013, the format owners – FOX Studios – have been keeping a close eye on the overwhelming response that the show has received from Indian viewers. And the makers have packed more action and thrill.

“24: Season 2” will see action and thrill increase two-fold as Jai Singh Rathod (played by Anil) prevents a probable tragedy.

Anil said: “We are trying to raise the bar with the action sequence this season. You need money for action scenes… A certain kind of scale is required, and we are working on almost one-tenth of the budget that they do (west). Compared to India, our scale is huge, but when compared to them (the west), it’s less.”

The action sequences of the show will be directed by Allan Amin.

“24: Season 2” will also feature actors like Sakshi Tanwar, Surveen Chawla, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sikandar Kher and Ritu Shivpuri among others.

Inputs By IANS