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‘Gun Pe Done’ team to request PM for ‘Hooch Free India’ campaign

The team of “Gun Pe Done” is highlighting a noble cause of spreading awareness about the consequences of hooch consumption through the film, and has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take steps to eradicate the menace.

Initiating a “Hooch Free India” campaign, the film’s director Abhik Bhanu told IANS he will send a letter to the prime minister on Monday, emphasising the gravity of the crime and requesting him to take measures to save the lives of potential hooch victims.

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“Several labourers and poor people from rural areas all over India are mainly the victims of consumption of such illegal liquor.,” he said.

“The main problem with hooch is that the government and the higher authorities are not taking any steps as they themselves have vested interests in them. There is a dangerous nexus between the local politicians and the suppliers of hooch. It is actually a mafia operating in some areas,” Bhanu told IANS.

The “Gun Pe Done” team wishes to convey a strong message to all these potential victims and hopes that its efforts bear fruit.

“We want to tell people, just don’t consume this poison. We want everyone to inform their drivers, workers and others to refrain from drinking hooch,” he said.

Speaking about the reach this noble mission can attain, Bhanu says he has long-term plans.

“We are looking for a three-level message. First, we want to reach out to poor people from rural areas through our film. Secondly, we want to reach the middle class and the affluent through our ‘Hooch Free India’ campaign. And thirdly, through this letter (to the PM)we want the government to take steps and completely eradicate the dangerous mafia nexus and eliminate the supply and consumption of hooch throughout India.”

“Gun Pe Done” features Jimmy Shergill, Sanjay Mishra among others.

Inputs by IANS

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