Hansal Mehta on Kangana Ranaut: I commend her for baring her soul

Hansal Mehta on Kangana Ranaut: I commend her for baring her soul

Kangana Ranaut and Hansal Mehta

Kangana Ranaut is a lot in the news these days because of the explosive interview that she gave about Hrithik Roshan. She made some shocking revelations about her relationship with Hrithik and since then everyone's discussing about their alleged relationship. With this, the attention, which should ideally be on her upcoming film 'Simran', has shifted to the controversy. But what does the director of 'Simran' has to say about all the hullabaloo? Does he sympathise with Kangana?

In a latest interview, Hansal Mehta has said, “Sympathy is a very wrong emotion. Sympathy is for someone who has lost a loved one. I have always Mai tained that I commend her for barring her soul and I negate all the people who are trying to wash it down, trivialise all that she has said. Somebody's personal life and barring of somebody's soul is not something to be trivialised. Don't trivialise it!” (Also Read: ‘A girl’s dignity is not above a film’, says Kangana Ranaut)

Further he was also asked as to why did he chose Kangana for this film, to which he stated, “Without her this film wouldn't have possible. I wouldn't have made it with anybody else. I wanted to work with her since I saw her in 'Fashion'. Among that generation if there is a true actor, I have been spoilt by working with stars like Rajkummar Rao, Manoj Bajpai and others. So if I have to work with somebody, it has to be somebody with that caliber. So here's that actor with that caliber and also has an X-Factor.”

'Simran' is slated to release on September 15.

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