Here’s what Alia Bhatt did after going through heartbreak

Here’s what Alia Bhatt did after going through heartbreak

Alia Bhatt heartbreak

The promos and the songs of Alia Bhatt-starrer ‘Dear Zindagi’ have impressed us a lot. The actress recently gave an interview in which she spoke about heartbreak, how her character in the film is relatable to her, and many other things.

When she was asked how much she relates to her character in the film, she said, “I relate a lot. In fact, out of all the characters that I have done, I relate to this one the most. It’s not that I have done 50 films, but I related to this one the most. And I feel even you will relate to it because the situations are relatable. There are only two traits that I don’t relate to from my character – one is that she is very impulsive, speaks whatever she wants to and I think and speak.”

She was asked if she has told her dil (heart), ‘Just Go To Hell’ and in which situation, so the actress replied, “Yes of course. The situations are like when heartbreak happens, breakup happens, you love someone but that person doesn’t love you; so in such situations you say ‘Just To Go Hell Dil’.”

When probed on how she comes out of that situation, she said, “There’s no funda like such, but with time everything goes away.”

When she was asked if she ever had heartbreak and how coped with it, the actress said, “Of course I had a heartbreak and after that I had gone to a holiday.”

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Reportedly, Shah Rukh Khan plays a life coach to Alia Bhatt in the film. So, when she was asked if she has needed a life coach or a counsellor in real life, the actress said, “Not really, but I am not against it. I am a very secretive person; I don’t share much with the people. But I have a couple of friends, like with one I will talk about work, with one I will talk about family, friends, and relationship.”

When Alia was further questioned about one thing that she did in her childhood and her parents are not aware of, the actress said, “They know everything. Honestly, I never hide anything from them. Actually, I am very bad at lying. People tell me that I am a good actress, but when it comes to lying I am the worst person. I speak a lie in such a creative way that people catch it that I am lying.”

“But nowadays I lie to my mom. Actually, what happens is after finishing my shoot late, I go back home and then next early morning I go to gym, so my mom becomes angry. She tells me ‘have you gone mad, now you will go to gym’. So, I tell her that I have to go a meeting, and then I go to gym,” she added.

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