Here’s what Rani has to say about other actresses who say they don’t need a KHAN!

Image Source - Yogen Shah, Instagram, Time mag,

These days with more women-centric movies being made, actresses are delivering solo hits on their own merits. So pretty often, some of these actresses often reveal that they don’t need a big star like Khan to deliver a hit.

So, recently, at the success interviews of ‘Hichki’, Rani Mukerji was asked as to how does she perceive this trend of actresses stating that they don’t need a Khan.

Image Source - Yogen Shah

Here’s what she said, “See, I want to say this very clearly that I love Aamir, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman immensely. They are people who I get my inspiration from, they are people with whom I started my career and they are too special and when I speak about them, I always speak with them with a lot of respect because as I told you, they have been in the industry for so many years, they’ve given us such wonderful films, they are role models, they are people who I look up to. And I will do anything for them. For me it is always a matter of pride when I’m associated with them. So, if today in a country I’m known because I’ve done films with SRK, I’m proud about it.” (Also Read: Rani keeps up with the childish spirit as she meets kids)

She added, “I’m proud that I have been able to associate myself with them because of who they are. Just by talking about an actor and say that this actor is a superstar, how does that person become a superstar? Because he is loved by millions of people. They are like our Bharat Ratna’s because they are known in the world. People talk about them and people love them, worship them, it’s not an easy feat. They have been in this industry for more than 25 years, they have worked each and every day of their life and they’ve given their entire lives to this Entertainment industry. So, when we talk about them it is respect, it is love, it is lot of gratitude. I have a lot to thank them for.”

She further said, “My second film was with Aamir, my third film was with SRK, my fourth film was with Salman. And the way they have worked with me, I never felt that they were behaving like superstars. So, I don’t know who you’ll are talking about, but for me, they will always be special in my life and they are people who I love and they are my friends, that’s all.”

Indeed, well said Rani!