I give a damn if people call me ‘Sanskari’ : Alok Nath

He takes the call and we greet each other. Nagpur is too hot right now, he says. ‘Adult chat show leke aa rahe ho, garmi to hogi hi na sir’, I answer. And we break out on laughter!

Actor Alok Nath, who is better known as a sanskari father in Hindi films, is absolutely chilled out and trust me, it’s fun talking to him! The actor is soon coming up with an adult chat show on web, named ‘Sinskari’. The show has been written by Zakhir Khan, who is associated to AIB. It will be aired on the digital platform of Viacom 18.

You caught the pun in ‘Sinskari’, right? It was followed by a candid chat. Read on..

On being called a ‘Sanskari’..

Honestly, I don’t give a damn. It wasn’t my choice, you see. It is the way people think. Now that is something we can’t help. I never asked for such a tag, you see!

His favourite ‘Alok Nath’ joke..

There are quite a few. But there was one I really liked. It says, “Even the pressure cooker at Alok Nath’s home is so sanskari, that it doesn’t whistle”.  (laughs) funny, isn’t it?

On playing a negative character..

Why not? As an actor, I would like to do all kind of roles. But the audience should be able to take it. You know, In India, actors are often categorized. For years I have been playing a loving father or similar stuff. The audience is used to it that way.  I don’t know how would they accept it. But I am always open to all types of roles. Besides, the kind of characters I used to play do not almost exist these days.

On his acceptability as an adult show host...

I don’t know, yaar. I do wonder if it would work out but the people who are making the show have had a good share of research. They are pretty sure this is going to work out. We will have to wait till the show is launched. The content of the show is mostly youth-oriented.  I hope everybody likes it!

On debuting on the web platform..

Yes, I have worked a lot on television and in films as well; but this is my debut in a web series. We shoot it the same way like we shoot a film or a TV show. We shoot in small parts, we rehearse before we shoot.  I can give my inputs and suggestions. Just that the medium of broadcast is different.  This is one slightly larger than life, a bit loud.

Guests that he would like to have in his show…

Can make no comments on this! (Laughs) I think this call is to be taken strictly by the makers. Bas Khubsurat hone se accha hai! Let anyone come, I’ll make them talk. We have one episode with Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman, the twin Brothers. Mandana Karimi will be there in one episode too. They all have to deal with the sanskari me now!

Sanskari or ‘Sinskari’?

Well, in between both! I am a sanskari man who thought this was going to be a sanskari show. I reach the studio and understand that it is not. I am said that not ‘sanskari’ but ‘sinskari’ was written in the contract paper and I misread it. Now if I do not shoot, I will breach the contract and land up being in the jail. So you know, I have to do this now! ( A virtual wink)

Television or Film, which one is his favourite?

You know, it is like choosing either of my two children. I love both. But I think I am more comfortable in television. TV shows go on for a long time. You develop an association with the character. Besides, I have got the identity of an actor from television only. Films are faster and more glamorous, compared to TV.

P.S. Trust me, this man can be reallysinskari‘. Watch out for the web series. You won’t regret it!