Inaamulhaq: I want to explore more as an actor

Inaamulhaq, who is known for his performances in films like ‘Filmistaan’ and ‘Airlift’, was recently seen in a short film titled ‘Ab Rab Havale’. The actor has played his role to T, and recently we took a telephonic interview of him in which he spoke about the short film, his experience of working with senior actress like Farida Jalal, and many other things…

Was the film emotionally draining for you?

No, it was not emotionally draining for me. For me it was an actor’s exercise to put into that situation. I do every character with a different process. Sometimes my training from National School of Drama comes to use or sometimes it’s my basic instinct. You play a character, so when you go into that zone it affects a bit. But then I know that it’s acting, so it gets washed out.

How was the experience of working with a senior actress like Farida Jalal?

The experience was very good. She is a good human-being. For me more than being a good actor what matters is that the person should be a good human being. I have met a lot of people who are good actors, but they are not good human beings. But, I have also met people who are bad actors, but are good human beings, so I respect them more. And Farida ji no doubt is a very good human being. Though I was her bad son in the film, she treated me like a son only on the sets.

You have been a part of films like ‘Filmistaan’, ‘Airlift’ and ‘Ab Rab Havale’. Do you have any connection with partition/independence?

No, I don’t have any connection with partition, but I have a connection with migration. I used to stay in a small village, where my father was working in a government sector, and had a transferable job. Once we had to migrate to a city, from village. There’s a novel named ‘My Childhood by Maxim Gorky’. In that there’s a scene that happens with the protagonist and the same thing happened with me. Eventually, when I went to a drama school, and was reading that scene, I became quite emotional. When I came to the city from village, my friends were left behind. But, then I started going to village every day. Now I go once in a year and recollect those memories. However, when it comes to films, it has just happened co-incidentally.

You are a writer and have made short films. So, are you planning to direct a feature film?

Not now, but I plan to do it in future. I want to explore more as an actor and understand things, and then I will see. But, for now there’s no plan.

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What would you like to say about the Pakistani artistes being banned in India?

When a person from India and a person from Pakistan meet in some other country, a place which is away from the boundaries both the countries, you will see how they meet and greet each other. There have also been instances that in a country where there is a Pakistani restaurant and an Indian eats there, they don’t charge any money. The fights are not at the human level. The fights are in newspapers and the governments. So, when it comes to artistes, they should be respected as artistes. We (Indians) also go in Hollywood and work, what if they say you are black and you can’t work here, so even we will feel bad. We have to understand that artistes don’t get bombs.

Check out the short film ‘Ab Rab Havale’ here:

Would love to do a sports-centric film: Ranbir Kapoor

Would love to do a sports-centric film: Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor, who is set to play a football match for a cause, says he would love to do a sports-centric film which tells the inspirational story of any Indian athlete.

If he had to do a film on a sportsperson, who would it be and why?

“It’s a tough question! We’ve a lot of athletes in the country and every story is worth listening to (and) will inspire others. I would personally love to do a sports-centric film sometime on any athlete who has made the nation proud,” Ranbir told IANS in an email interaction.

The actor is one of the 18 Bollywood celebrities from the All-Star Football Club (ASFC), including Abhishek Bachchan, Arjun Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan and Dino Morea, who will play a friendly match to support Magic Bus Foundation’s goal to help 2,000 underprivileged children.

Inaamulhaq: I want to explore more as an actor

Magic Bus Foundation has associated with crowd-funding platform in an initiative backed by GS Worldwide Entertainment to create awareness and raise funds for underprivileged children in 77 districts across 22 Indian states. The campaign, #GivingGoals, aims to raise Rs 60 lakh towards these programmes. (Also Check: Back in the city, Ranbir Kapoor enjoys playing a football match with his pals. VIEW PICS)

Ranbir is an ardent football fan.

“Everything about football excites us (ASFC members)! Playing induces adrenaline, explains the basics of teamwork and its importance. As a viewer too, it is the most involving game for audiences. Every minute, every second of it has something exciting for both the players and audiences,” Ranbir said.

The film industry keeps playing friendly sports matches off and on for noble causes.

“Sports in India is picking up and growing exponentially as a culture. We’re lucky to be a part of this process and it makes us proud whenever we can contribute to this positive trend,” added the actor, who is training hard to beat his seasoned opponents, who he believes have an “athletic edge” over his team.

There’s an opportunity for fans of AFSC stars to join the celebrities in raising funds.

Jayant Rastogi, CEO, Magic Bus India Foundation, is overwhelmed by the support pouring in from some of the well-known celebrities of Indian cinema.

“We have been fighting against poverty by ensuring children and young adults have a holistic education. Through this association, we hope to continue developing the skills today’s children require for a secure, stable and bright career,” he said.

Celebrity support in coming together to mobilise their fans from around the world to raise funds for a cause is heartening, said’s CEO and Co-founder Piyush Jain.

Being seductive is part of womanhood: Urmila Matondkar

Being seductive is part of womanhood: Urmila Matondkar

Urmila Matondkar who has been missing from the big screen since long is back with a bang. The Rangeela stars recent appearance in the song “Bewafa beauty” from Irrfan Khan starrer Blackmail was much loved by her fans. The beauty opened up on the dance number in an interview to IANS.

“Lyrically and contextually, the song is very interestingly put out and I liked that part. Having said that it was not my conscious decision to be a part of this song, but I was just trying out something very different that has not happened in the recent past,” said the actress, known for some superhit dance numbers like “Hai rama”, “Tanha tanha”, “Chamma chamma” and “Ruki Ruki”.

Urmila Matondkar has never failed to prove three strong elements as an actress in her career – power of acting, unmatched dancing skill and image of being desirable. The actress says as a woman, she always finds the tough but right chord to be seductive and not vulgar as the line is very thin.

“Being seductive is a part of womanhood and if a woman feels it strongly as a part of her personality, it is never represented in a wrong way. There is a very thin line between being seductive and vulgar, but it comes from the performer. I think I never fell in the grey area or went over the top because I am a strong-headed actor and I feel seductive as a woman.

“So whatever bold dance that I performed on-screen, it never looked vulgar,” Urmila told IANS in an interview.

In times of social media, several actresses who wear bikinis and bold outfits get criticism.

Asked if people are becoming over critical and bully actors, Urmila said: “Yes, that is happening. But in the era of social media, when we are putting out our videos, photos for promotional purpose and giving our audience a chance to share their opinion, we should expect both good and bad. Otherwise, one shouldn’t put it out there at the first place.(Also Check: When Urmila Matondkar’s first thought was that the news of Sridevi’s demise was a rude joke

“Having said that there is a difference between constructive criticism and personal attack. As actors, we should identify that before considering the opinion. One should never take the latter to their heart, never”, she added.

Urmila’s career has been a mix of films in the commercially successful space as well as those with strong content with titles like “Bas Ek Pal”, “Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara” and “Pinjar”.

Was it a conscious decision to balance out both kind of cinema?

“Not really, because for me, every character that I play is an experience. So, the criteria were to try out something that I have never done before… Then of course overall story, the director… But it was never a strategy to balance out commercial and art house cinema. It was never that.

“Look, our film industry now is going through a transition where some films are made on a middle-aged woman. I think it is a combination of what the audience wants to watch and what makers can deliver. I do not think there is any dearth of stories, but with the success of each film, makers will gain confidence to make more films on women of all ages,” said the 44-year-old who is not really planning for her next film outing with any filmmaker soon.

“Life goes on between what we plan and what the situation offers us. Like the way I did not plan ‘Bewafa beauty’, my next film will come to be when it is destined to happen,” she winked.