Naseeruddin Shah, Shernaz Patel

Adhiraj Bose has created a cinematic masterpiece with his recent short film ‘Interior-Café Night’. The movie boasts of a sterling star cast of talented actors Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel depicting the roles of old lovers who reunite after ages. The movie is made under the banner of LargeShortFilms and reveals the joy of falling in love and the pain of separation to the couple’s loving reunion in the dusk of their lives.

The 13-minute long film is based around a quaint coffee shop where the owner played by Naseeruddin Shah is all set to close for the day. All of a sudden, he comes face to face with his ex who had left him 30 years back. Nostalgia awakens the past and they see themselves as youngsters falling in love with each other.


Shweta Basu Prasad and Naveen Kasturia play the young Naseer and Shernaz. The emotional turmoil that the lovers undergo while separating is aptly portrayed by the talented actors. The short story will truly leave you misty eyed as it finds an echo in the hearts of the audience.

‘Interior Cafe Night’ by Adhiraj Bose,

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