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Kriti Sanon is possibly one of the few outsiders who has slowly and steadily catapulted herself into the big league, thanks to her super successful choices and brilliant performances. But the road to glory was never a smooth one. She joins us for the sixth episode of Limelight Lab Grown CVD Diamonds presents Her Story season 2, only on Bollywood Bubble, hosted by Nayandeep Rakshit. In this candid interview, Kriti looks back at her journey and how she’s reached this far. From leaving home, to being screamed at during her first ramp show, from not knowing how to face the camera and battling stage fright to finally coming into your own, Kriti has seen it all. In fact, she also adds that when she decided to leave her engineering and take up acting and modelling, judgmental relatives also felt she would never make it. But she kept at it relentlessly and despite all the nepotism, body-shaming, being replaced by star kids, casting directors telling her this is the best she could get, Kriti pinned her hopes and delivered staggeringly. The Mimi star reveals she was also constantly shamed for her appearance – some felt she didn’t line her lips well and wasn’t properly dressed for meetings whereas many even had an issue with her gummy smile or her nostrils flaring up. But today, she is living the common Indian girl’s dream and how. Watch the full interview right here.