R. Balki: “I never set out to do something unusual”

He is known for making unusual films, but director R. Balki says he never sets out to do off-beat stuff.

“There is nothing like ‘hatke’. If you see four films similar and one is different, doesn’t mean it is ‘hatke’. I never set out to do something ‘hatke’,” Balki told reporters at the trailer launch of his upcoming film “Ki and Ka” here yesterday.

“People say film-making is fun…is wrong…if you work on a film for a year it has to be worthy,” he said.

“Ki and Ka” features Arjun Kapoor playing a house-husband and Kareena Kapoor Khan a working woman.

“It (Ki and Ka) is light, simple film about the relationship between two people. There is nothing ‘hatke’ about a man being a homemaker,” Balki said.

“No one dies in the film… people would be happy and smiling in the film,” he said.

The “Paa” director reveals he has heard of people who are like reel life “Ki and Ka” couple in real life. But, he has not borrowed the idea of the film from anyone’s life.

The romantic-comedy film releases on April 1, also known to be April Fool’s Day.

“I think we three (Kareena, Arjun and I) are fools to have done this (film). People would usually say what a foolish couple, how can they stay like this… if you think it’s foolish then be it. It’s a fun film,” he said.

Balki, who has made films like “Cheeni Kum”, “Paa”, “Shamitabh “, says his director wife Gauri Shinde asked him to practice what he preaches on-screen in his films.

“Actually, Gauri accuses me of writing things that I never preach. She tells me why don’t you practice at least ten percent of what you preach,” he said.

“I tell her if I practice, what is the fun of preaching. The fun is not about recreating parts of my life or somebody else’s life…it is about wish life was like this,” he added.

On a lighter note, the “Cheeni Kum” helmer also revealed that he loves cooking, but his wife refuses to eat what he cooks.

Inputs by PTI