Shweta Tiwari, stretchmarks, breastfeeding, age-shaming
Image Source - YouTube

Shweta Tiwari is truly an epitome of dignity and grace. As we all celebrate International Women’s Day, Shweta Tiwari along with Bollywood Bubble’s Bhavna Agarwal debunk a couple of StreeReotypes which have been around for the longest time. From unrealistic beauty standards we have been conditioned to believe since childhood to normalising breastfeeding, Shweta points out various stereotypes. She also rightly stresses on the need for equal parenting measures. Shweta also shared if she has ever faced any body image issues and how does her daughter Palak Tiwari deal with all the social media pressures today. Shweta also reveals if comments like “budhi” bothers her, and if her definition of beauty has changed over time. Don’t miss it. Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Women’s Day.