Swami Om and Ajaz Khan


The self-proclaimed God Man, Swami Om, who got evicted from the ‘Bigg Boss 10’ because of his horrendous antics, is currently the talk topic of the town. Even outside the house, Swami Om is creating a ruckus with his nonsensical statements. He definitely has has irked a lot of people for defaming and demoralising with his explosive interviews. Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan is one of them. In his latest interview, Ajaz has slammed Swami Om for disrespecting women inside the house and states that if he ever bumps into him, he sure would slap him to teach Swami Om a lesson.


On the same lines, motormouth Rakhi Sawant too has slammed Swami Om in her latest interview. Rakhi has gone to bash him like one one else has done ever for abusing Salman Khan. From abuses to threats, Rakhi sure seems to be displeased with Swami Om. Rakhi went on to say that Swami Om is bipolar personality, who first kills someone with his antics and then begs for forgiveness. She further claimed that Swami Om is a taantrik  who she saw in a graveyard once when she had gone there to attend a funeral. Rakhi made it clear that she would pay anything and is willing to go the jail to get Swami Om out of the planet. Such is the venom that Swami Om has infused for himself in the minds of Bigg Boss viewers.

Watch Rakhi Sawant’s full interview here…

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