Daisy Irani

Daisy Irani
  • Birthday23 September, 2019
  • Fun Trivia:Daisy Irani is a born Zoroastrian, who married a Hindu, and later developed interest in Christianity.


Born in a Zoroastrian family, Daisy Irani debuted as a child artist in Hindi films wherein she generally played the role of a boy with curly hair, along with here sister Honey Irani playing a similar role. They were seen in films like ‘Bandish’, ‘Jagte Raho’, ‘Bhai Bhai’, ‘Naya Daur’, and many more. Daisy continued acting until she got married in 1971 to screenwriter KK Shukla. However she returned to acting post her husband’s death, through TV series like ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’, and films like ‘Kya Kehna’, ‘Shararat’.


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