Jayalalithaa Jayaram

Jayalalithaa Jayaram
  • Nickname:Jaya and Amma
  • Birthday24 February, 2018
  • Zodiac:Pisces
  • Awards:She was invited by the House of Lords, London, in 2004 to receive the
  • Fun Trivia:Press reports have mentioned time and again about Jayalalithaa’s faith in astrology and numerology, as she used to consult astrologers before taking important political decisions. She even changed her name from
  • Famous Quote:One-third of my life was dominated by my mother, the other part — a major one — was dominated by MGR. Two-third of my life is thus over. One third remains and this part of my life remains for myself but there are some responsibilities and duties to be fulfilled.
  • Place of Birth:Mandya, Mysore State, Dominion in India
  • Place of Residence:Chennai, India
  • Profession:Actress & Politician