Rahul Khanna

Rahul Khanna
  • Nickname:Rahul
  • Birthday20 June, 1972
  • Zodiac:Gemini
  • Awards:Filmfare Award for Best Debut (2000) in the movie '1947 Earth'
  • Fun Trivia:Rahul Khanna is very fond of cars and owns cars from many luxury brands that range from Audi to Rolls Royce and much more. He is also passionate about dogs and has a Great Dane as his pet.
  • Famous Quote:When PeTA came to me with the proposal (for the elephant in zoos campaign), I knew it was something I would want to be associated with. The mark of a truly evolved civilization is that it treats its animals humanely.
  • Place of Birth:Mumbai , Maharashtra
  • Place of Residence:Mumbai , Maharashtra
  • Profession:Actor