Can we please stop obsessing over the obviously-morphed picture of Deepika? | Bollywood Bubble

Can we please stop obsessing over the obviously-morphed picture of Deepika?

Can we please stop obsessing over the obviously-morphed picture of Deepika?

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Recently, we came across a ‘MAXIM’ cover, which featured Deepika Padukone, who was wrapped scintillatingly around a well-endowed nude man. The cover with its content, should have instantly aroused the suspicions of many. It did, but then the fight for who can get the maximum traffic using the picture, took over the conscience’s desire to immediately label this as a hoax and condemn. This again proved the mentality as to in a country where we are constantly emphasising on ‘sanskaar’ (special mention: our CBFC), how obsessed we are with a female body, that we even use a morphed picture as click-bait rather than sharing the actual story.


However, more than three days later, many of us are still obsessing over the cover, in which the only original thing of Deepika’s that was used, was her face.

A peek-a-boo of the side breasts, a shapely bottom, and the face of a celebrity attached to the same; why do many use it as a sureshot recipe to garner attention on social media? Forget the despicable human being who created this particular magazine cover, was it ethical on our part to make it a viral topic, blatantly spreading something so petty on each and every social media handle, thus bringing shame to the celebrity herself?

Ours is clearly a s*x-starved nation, and the statistics of crimes against women clearly prove so. Consent has become a really strange term which majority don’t even strive to understand. We can’t speak the word openly in public for the fear of being judged, we censor movies which dare to deliver some sort of sanity in the meaningless barrage that is served in the name of content. But, when it comes to spreading something we already know to be a lie, why are our hands tied?

I implore, please stop making such images viral. It will do nothing but encourage the creators of such detestable content, who will find it the easiest way to gain fame on social media. This is not Deepika, and any person with a sane mind would know that. Sadly, not many social media users can be put in that category and will actually use the choicest of terms for the actress in question, whether she does it willingly, or even when the case is such, that of a morphed picture. Because s*x is equivalent to scandal and so is a female body.

Stop making such images viral. It is nothing short of disgusting. Not because it supposedly outrages the modesty of a woman, because it is completely her choice whether she wants to bare it all or not, but because it makes us as media look less intelligent. We surely can do better than this.

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