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Sunaina Roshan, please stop making a mockery of ‘Women Empowerment’

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Sunaina Roshan has been making headlines since the past few days thanks to her coming out and speaking about brother Hrithik Roshan and her family. She has been vocal about her displeasure about her family. During a recent interview, Sunaina spoke up about how she was not being financially supported by her family.

Not only that, but she also opened up saying that her brother Hrithik had promised to bear the rent of an Apartment, where she wanted to stay but he failed to do so. In the same interview, she mentioned that the rent of the apartment was something around Rs. 2.5 lakhs. She went on to knock on Kangana Ranaut‘s door, who was once a great friend of hers. The reason for the same she mentions that Kangana is someone who empowers women. But, what Sunaina is doing, is that actually women empowerment?

Sunaina, we empathise with you as you may be going through some unfortunate issues with your family. But, please don’t mock the movement of women empowerment by doing so. When we talk of women empowerment, we talk about ladies coming out in the open world and competing with men on a head to head level. You are a grown, educated, 47-year old lady. You are pretty equipped to go out and earn for yourself and do whatever you want with that money. We fail to understand why you are still begging for money from your family? Why aren’t you going out and trying to make a name for yourself? That would be a great initiative towards the movement of ‘women empowerment’.

Kangana is a great example of ‘women empowerment’. She is someone who has fought her way through in a man’s world and made a big name for herself. Whether it’s been with her acting, or it’s been with her recent directorial debut in ‘Manikarnika’, she has always been proving her worth and then beating her chest about it. She is a living example of what ‘women empowerment’ stands for. However, Sunaina what you are doing, it isn’t!

Hrithik Roshan Sunaina Roshan
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Please fight with your family as much you want and try to get proper justice for yourself, but please, don’t cry out loud on the name of ‘women empowerment’. Prove yourself out in the real world to an extent that you don’t have to take pocket money from your family, and you don’t have to wait for brother Hrithik to dole out Rs 2.5 lakhs for your monthly rent.

Work hard, earn the money, and have the freedom that you are looking for. That would be a testament to the movement of ‘women empowerment’.

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