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For the longest time, there has been a divide between the South and the Northern entertainment industry. While the people tend to accept the content they like regardless of where it is coming from, the KGF actor Yash feels it is more about the ‘people who work in the industry’ who have to accept it. We sat down for a conversation exclusively with KGF: Chapter 2 star Yash who opened up about the divide that the South industry faces and if the perceptions about now changing about the same.

Yash told Bollywood Bubble, “It is quite obvious that things have to change, like I said, it is all about validation. I don’t blame anyone. When I came here, nobody knew who I was. But we had that vision and my director had created a fantastic work and my team had really worked hard. We came here with one intention, just to showcase our talent and entertain people.”



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Yash further said that no one knew him when he starred in KGF and he was treated differently by the media and the industry, “Media and the industry, of course, if they don’t know you they treat you differently. Once they like you, they treat you in a different way- a better way. But, I am ok with both things. Nothing gets into my head even if they are not recognizing me, means I have to do better. If they are liking mean, it means again I have to do better to keep that momentum going. So it is the same. That is human nature. We can’t blame anybody but still, I feel this part of the world is very open-minded, they respect talent, they respect work. Because the culture itself is there. All the major stars are come from other states also it way already there.”

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