Actress Nia Sharma is a known name in the world of Indian television with a huge fan following. She has been seen in popular shows like Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, Jamai Raja and Khatron Ke Khiladi 8. Nia was recently seen in the web show Hunter’s song Daiyya Daiyya setting the dance floor on fire with her groove.

Nia Sharma on being called beggar

In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble Nia Sharma finally opened up about being labelled as a beggar post an interview and how it was taken out of context by other publications.

Speaking about being called a Beggar for work Nia said, ‘I will never beg for work.’
On being asked if the rumours helped her get more work the Naagin star added, No it is not so, If I honestly say then no. But sometimes there is an interview that comes and goes. Nobody watches it, no one talks about it kind of feels bad. Now, something even if it’s taken out of context it reaches everywhere people have watched it. It’s got like millions of views by that one word Beggar however they may have perceived it.

Nia further adds on being called a beggar

Even if it’s a phrase that beggars can’t be choosers is what I meant by that. But what I am saying is it received views people watched it and so my talking so much about it did not go to waste. That’s ok I didn’t try for it, I didn’t have a desperate attempt to throw my interview out there. But sometimes all it takes is a misinterpretation and going by the Hindi media headlines this is how things get blown out of proportion thanks to Hindi publications honestly. The words used by them are quite derogatory and they should avoid using such words. I still believe that a certain respect is required and you don’t have to be crass about things. You can still be classy and you can still be out there“, Nia Sharma added.

She even opened up if it helped her in getting more work and said, “No, it didn’t. I am still out of work. Again that could be used against me I am not begging for work. I am looking for good work as everybody and who is not.

For the unversed, The last time Nia Sharma had sat down for an exclusive chat with us she had opened up on rumours of taking a break from work. She said, “ I am not that person who will take breaks voluntarily. I am not in that position. I’m still a beggar, who needs work, who needs money. I can never say that I need a break, will never need a break in my life. Need work, want work.” Her quote soon hit headlines and rumours of Nia begging for work soon went viral

Watch the entire conversation with Nia Sharma here:

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