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Bigg Boss 14 Finale: 5 Reasons why we think Rubina Dilaik deserves to win the trophy

Bigg Boss 14 is just a day away from its grand finale. With 5 contestants namely Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vaidya, Rakhi Sawant, Aly Goni, and Nikki Tamboli in the finale, the fight for the trophy is only getting fierce. It can be expected the Twitterati will yet again go ballistic with the fan clubs trending their favourite star all over again. While it is already been speculated that the end fight might be between Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya, we list down 5 reasons why we think Rubina Dilaik deserves to win the trophy. Be it her strong personality, her ‘superiority complex’ or her warm side, Rubina has surely let her real self out in the last four months. Without much ado, here are our thoughts.


There is no denying that Rubina is one of the most fierce contestants this year. She has never feared bowing down to anyone and has stood for anything she feels is right. Rubina has also been someone who has performed every task with equal fiery. Even during her arguments with fellow contestants or her debates with Abhinav, she calls a spade a spade without any qualms or apprehensions. She even took a stand against Salman Khan in the initial episodes to stand by her husband who she felt was insulted. That’s Rubina Dilaik.

Vulnerability & honesty

Throughout the season, Rubina Dilaik has been one person who has displayed her fierce and vulnerability without any fears. It is not easy, given that she has been a popular face on Television. To talk about marital issues, own up to your mistakes, and speaking about dealing with anger issues, is not a cakewalk. If there is one person to be vulnerable enough to talk about her marriage or mental health on national television & have an attitude of acceptance towards her flaws, this is a quality of a true winner who doesn’t pretend that she’s got everything together.


Rubina has been someone who remained undeterred despite several attempts being made to pull down her spirits. She was called names, said to have a ‘superiority complex’, called a dominating wife, but Rubina did not let that stop her from taking a stand. Despite being criticized time and again for taking a stand for her husband or any unfair dealings in the house, even if that meant Salman Khan or Bigg Boss himself, Rubina would always stick to her words and be protective of her tribe.


Apart from her fights and tasks, Rubina kept the show running with her entertaining side. The actress also upped the style quotient inside the house with her puffed sleeves and neon color blocking clothes. Rubina has been quite an entertainer as well. With her interesting debates or adding the element of fun to every task & her on & off chemistry with husband Abhinav Shukla, Rubina has been a complete package.

Full-Time contestant:

This year Bigg Boss was oddly different with several contestants allowed to enter and leave the house. Rubina is the only contestant currently who has not stepped out of the Bigg Boss house throughout the season. While Aly Goni had entered as a wild card, Rahul Vaidya had once left the house. Nikki Tamboli was too evicted once while Rakhi Sawant had entered much later as a challenger. Considering that one of the major conditions of Bigg Boss is to survive the house without stepping out, it is a huge plus for Rubina Dilaik in her win for the trophy.

Who do you want to see lift the trophy?

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