Airlift, Baby and Agneepath

Before beginning any new task, it is a tradition in India to look for an auspicious occasion. Many a times, filmmakers too consult for an auspicious day for the release of their films. We even know about the poojas being offered before the muhurat shot. Since time immemorial, it has been believed that the month of January is not so lucky for Bollywood films. Many trade analysts call it a jinxed month while some filmmakers just refrain from releasing their films in this month. And it has been an observation over a period of time that films released in the beginning of the year did not really fare well at the box office, the statistics are proof. Especially 2000 onward, this belief of January being a jinxed month was going strong. But looks like the jinx is now breaking and the notion seems to be changing with box office numbers now registering better numbers in the first month of the year.


So here’s a complete account of the films that released in January in the last ten years and how January transformed from being a jinxed month to a lucky one.


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