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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s personal life has been grabbing attention for quite some time now. Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been mired into controversies ever since his alleged ex-wife Aaliya made some shocking allegations against him. From accusing him of infidelity to calling him out for ‘throwing’ her and their kids out of the house, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Aaliya have been in the news for many shocking reasons. Earlier today, Nawazuddin Siddiqui broke his silence and shared his side of the story as he reacted to the allegations made by Aaliya.

Nawazuddin Vs Aaliya: All you need to know

As it keeps getting controversial, here’s a roundup of everything that has happened between Nawazuddin and Aaliya so far.

Aaliya accuses him of cheating on her: In 2020, Aaliya accused him of cheating on her when she was pregnant with their first child. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Aaliya had revealed that Nawazuddin cheated on her. She claimed that the actor used to have women over when she was pregnant with their first child, daughter Shora. Aaliya also said that she was informed about Nawazuddin’s infedility by his brother, Shamas.

Nawazuddin’s brother Shamas breaks silence: In his defense, Shamas took to his Twitter and reacted to Aaliya’s allegations. He had tweeted, “This is called pure lies – whatever she claims in her interviews is absolutely baseless and untrue and hence it’s proved that if someone wishes to malign any person’s image than one needs to just frame stories against him or her and the rest is done by the media trials.”

Aaliya claims she has been harassed by Nawazuddin’s family: In January this year, Aaliya shared a video on her Instagram featuring herself and their two kids Shora and Yaani. In the video, she claimed that she has been harassed by the actor’s family members. A part of her captioned read, “I have been forced to live, sleep and utilise only the hall, at my own husband’s house, since past 7 days. My children who have just arrived from Dubai are sleeping with me by joining two sofa sets in the hall.”

A video of Nawazuddin trying to get inside his bungalow: Aaliya later shared a video on her Instagram in which she can be seen interacting with Nawazuddin who is standing outside his bungalow’s gate.

Domestic help’s video: Around the same time, Nawazuddin again grabbed attention for a shocking reason. The actor made news after his house help in Dubai recorded a cry for help. Aaliya’s advocate also shared her video on his Twitter. The house help cried for help in the viral video and claimed that she has been stranded without food and money in Dubai. After a few days, she apologised to Nawazuddin and stated that she was pressured to say what she did before.

Nawazuddin breaks silence on wife’s allegations and house help: Nawazuddin finally broke his silence and addressed the allegations made by Aaliya and the house help’s viral video. In a video shared by Instant Bollywood, Nawazuddin said in his defense, “I don’t want to say anything about all these things, frankly. But yes, amid all this, my kids’ schooling has been affected. My kids studied in Dubai but have been here for a month now. My only appeal is that my kids should go back to school. I don’t want to say anything else.”

Aaliya claims she and the kids were ‘thrown’ out of the house: Aaliya had shared a video on her Instagram in which she claimed that she and their kids (Shora and Yaani) have been ‘thrown’ out of Nawazuddin’s house.

Nawazuddin strongly reacts: In his statement, Nawazuddin addressed the allegations. Referring to the allegations of their kids been ‘thrown’ out of the house, Nawazuddin said, “Whenever my children came to India during their vacation, they used to stay with their grandmother only. How could anyone throw them out of the house. I myself was not in the house during that time. Why didn’t she make a video of being thrown out whereas she makes video of every random thing.”

Aaliya claimed she only has Rs 81: In the viral video, Aaliya claimed that she had no money except Rs 81. She also stated that she has nowhere to go.

Nawazuddin slams her: Addressing the same, Nawazuddin said in his statement, “On an average, she is been paid approx. 10 lakhs per month for past 2 years and 5-7 lakhs per month before moving to Dubai with my children, excluding the school fees, medical, travel and other leisure activities. I have also financed her 3 films costing me crores of rupees, just to help her set up her income stream, since she is the mother of my kids.” The actor also mentioned that he gifted her a lavish sea facing apartment in Versova and Mumbai. He went on to add that Aaliya ‘only wants more money’.

Nawazuddin claims they are divorced: Due to the trouble in their marriage, Nawazuddin and Aaliya headed for divorce. However, in 2021, the duo decided to cancel their divorce. Now, in his statement, Nawazuddin shocked fans as he claimed that Aaliya and he are ‘already divorced’. He revealed, “Me and Aaliya do not stay together since several years, we are already divorced but we definitely had an understanding only for our kids.”

Aaliya strongly reacts: Aaliya has issued a statement as a reply to Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s post. In her post, Aaliya alleged that Nawazuddin’s manager hugged their daughter Shora ‘inappropriately’. She also called him an ‘irresponsible father’.

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