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Over the years, in Bollywood, women have been depicted as distress in the damsel. There are very few female characters that have left an impact or have challenged the patriarchy. We absolutely love it when we get to see some strong roles shattering basic societal norms in Bollywood. There’s a newfound respect for the character that resonates with us in today’s world. Speaking of which, on International Women’s Day 2022, we have brought a list of strong female characters that are played by Bollywood actresses. Characters like Piku, Gangubai Kathiawadi, Mimi and more have inspired us and we want to take powerful traits from these ladies.

Take a look at the strong female characters in Bollywood movies here:

Deepika Padukone’s Piku: It is always established that only sons can take care of their parents during their old age. However, Piku shattered those norms and showed how girls can take care of their parents and manage their office work.


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Alia Bhatt’s Gangubai Kathiawadi: Alia as Gangubai looked fierce and strong. The character is one of the best examples one can give on how to rise up against all the odds and be the strongest in society. Gangubai tells us how to challenge patriarchy. In the film, she set her problems aside and chose to fight for women’s rights. Well, that’s what one needs to take cues from.


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Sridevi’s Shashi: There are so many parents who are unable to speak English. In our country, a person’s status is often being judged on talking English. Shashi’s character from English Vinglish shows us that it’s okay to accept it and act upon it. Though her kids and husband were embarrassed with the way Shashi speaks in English, she ensured to learn the language at a very unexpected age. It speaks about independence.


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Taapsee Pannu’s Amrita: No women should be subjected or even be okay with domestic violence. Since most of the women have experienced that, we all need to take inspiration from Amrita who didn’t take it lightly. Considering all the consequences, Taapsee from Thappad takes the decision of filing the complaint and to take it to the court. Even it was just a slap, she chose to take a stand and demanded separation from her husband. We so resonate with her.


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Kriti Sanon’s Mimi: It’s not easy to drop your career or dreams in order to pursue a family. It takes a lot of guts and willpower to embrace motherhood. And when you’re single, the journey becomes tough. In this film, Kriti shows us how Mimi takes up the risk and singlehandedly raises a child without a father and low income. It tells us how a woman is an all-rounder and can do anything once she makes up her mind.


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Vidya Balan’s Vidya: Pregnant women going on a mission is very rare to be seen or heard. It is Vidya Bagchi who tells us that pregnancy is not a hindrance. In the film, she goes on a mission to find her husband without making thinking that her pregnancy can be problematic. That’s strong one needs to be in today’s world.


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Katrina Kaif’s Laila: She is carefree, lives on her own terms, lives her life to the fullest with low income, follows her heart. Don’t we want to be that girl? We, women, have so much emotional baggage that we stop living spontaneous life but live what society has decided. Laila from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara shows us how to live in the moment and go with the flow. You might not consider her strong or powerful but Laila is so moving.

Rani Mukerji’s Shivani: She is the no-nonsense lady. Shivani is the one who speaks to the point and raises questions against patriarchy. She is a police officer in Mardaani who will break your bones the moment women are been hurt or questioned. Me on Google: How to become fierce? *Google shows Rani Mukerji’s Shivani character from Mardaani.*

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