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Happy Birthday Sonu Sood: 5 times he won the internet with his witty response to hilarious fan requests

Not all superheroes wear capes and Sonu Sood is a living example of that. Amidst the lockdown the handsome hunk single-handedly helped migrants, students and several others reach their hometowns. Not only that, Sonu even helped some of these daily-wage earners find employment.

During the second wave of Coronavirus, the Dabangg actor helped in saving several lives by providing them medical care or by procuring oxygen cylinders. Sonu went out of his way to help the needy ones in whichever way he could. And his philanthropy rightly earned him the title of ‘messiah’.

Apart from being magnanimous and a hero in real sense, Sonu’s sense of humour is simply amazing. Today as the actor is celebrating his 48th birthday today, lets take a look at the times when he made the internet go ROFL with his witty response to some insane and bizzare fan requests on Twitter.

A few weeks back, a young fan of Sonu broke his television after he saw the actor being beaten by a hero in a film. Unable to stand his favorite hero Sonu being beatenby someone else, the 7-year-old broke his TV into pieces. Reacting to the report, Sonu tweeted, “Arrreee, don’t break your TVs, his dad is going to ask me to buy a new one now.” And that was enough for the netizens to have a good laugh.

A fan requested the Dabangg actor to buy him an iPhone for his girlfriend. Replying to the fan’s request, Sonu wrote, “Uska toh pata nahi, agar iPhone diya toh tera kuch nahi rahega.” Looks like Sonu is a pro when it comes to handing out relationship advice.

Fans and followers of Sonu keeps him bombarding with insane and hilarious requests. The actor too enjoys replying to these requests. And his witty response often makes the internet go ROFL. During the lockdown, a fan had complained about spending the entire lockdown with her husband. “I am staying with my husband from Janta Curfew to lock down 4. Can u either send him or send me to my mother’s house, as I can’t stay with him any more, ” the fan had requested, to which Sonu had replied, “I have a better plan…let me send both of you top Goa. What say?”

Another crazy fan had requested the actor to help him reach the liquor store amidst the lockdown. And as expected Sonu had a perfect reply for him.

With Sonu helping so many people reach their home safely amidst the lockdown, fans couldn’t resist cracking jokes on how Sonu can also send Cyclone Nisarg back to its home. And joining in the hilarity of the fan’s suggestion, Sonu’s response added to the fun.

We wish the handsome actor a very happy birthday and a rocking year ahead. Sonu’s generosity and witty response have earned him more fans than any of his films ever could.

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