Aamir Khan talks about how Parenthood brought a change in his life

As we had earlier reported on Sunday, that Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan will be joining a discussion related to the topic of IVF on the occasion of 69th Independence Day. The actor made his way to Jaslok Hospital where this event was organised to spread awareness about In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and surrogacy. Talking about parenthood, Aamir chose to share here that he was completely a changed man after the birth of his first child.

Talking to the reporters at this event he said, “It’s such a joy to have a child in your life. It’s something that really changes your life. I remember my mother used to tell me when I was a kid, ‘When you become a parent you’ll realise what it is to become a parent’.”

“When I had my first child, Junaid, it changed me, changed my life. But there are so many parents, people, so many single parents who are unable to have child,” he added.

As many would know that Junaid Khan is Aamir’s first child from his first wife Reena Dutta and they both have a daughter as well named Ira. Aamir’s youngest son Azad Rao Khan was born through this process of IVF to him and his second wife Kiran Rao. Aamir revealed here that both he and Kiran never faced any hurdles while opting for this technique.

“There were no hurdles, we both wanted to have a child. We were happy when he was born. We wanted to be clear about how we conceived the child, we didn’t do anything wrong and people should be aware about it. We are very happy that we gave birth to a child through IVF surrogacy,” said Aamir at this event. [sic]

Further, Kiran Rao, who had accompanied Aamir here at this event said, “I don’t know what I did for those 20 years before Azad was born. My life is so full now. I am so humbled by the completeness he makes me feel. We had a lot of trouble trying to have a child. I really didn’t think it would be possible to have a Baby. ”

Certainly, it was a brave step and today Aamir and Kiran are feeling completely happy with Azad in their life.

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