Arbaaz Khan says his character in ‘Tera Intezaar’ is not that negative

Actor-filmmaker Arbaaz Khan says that his character in the upcoming film ‘Tera Intezaar’ is not as negative as the one that he essayed in his debut film ‘Daraar’.

“My first film ‘Daraar’ was also a type of romantic thriller. It was a bit of violent film as my character was a bit too negative. In this, it is not that negative,” Arbaaz said during a media interaction on the sets of ‘Tera Intezaar’. [sic]

He added: “A thriller film requires the story to be a bit different, the twists and turns shouldn’t be predictable… the audience should find it new. In any thriller film, there needs to a be a bit of music and romance.”

He also praised filmmakers Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt.

“If you see all the films of Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt who make romantic thrillers, their songs are very good. We have fortunately got very good music. We are starting off with a song as we are confident about our music,” said Arbaaz.

The film also stars Sunny Leone, Arya Babbar, Sudha Chandran and Salil Ankola.

Director Raajeev Walia said: “In this script, you will receive a shock after five minutes. Sunny is playing a very different role in this film and is very passionate about the script and working hard on it. Arbaaz too is working hard on the script and you will see a different Sunny and Arbaaz in ‘Tera Intezaar’.”

“We spent four months on the script, working day and night on it. When I had first created the storyline, I had some other artiste on mind because it was a very performance-based role. It is of a different genre and emotion-based film. But the producers wanted me to take Sunny only, so I thought of making it with Sunny,” he added. [sic]

Sunny is “really excited about this film. We are all happy. It is a new film and we will try to make a very nice film for all of you to watch”.

Inputs from IANS