BTS Army is celebrating a Hobi Summer Party and we are lost in J-Hope world

Image Source - Instagram

BTS aka Bangtan Boys is one of the biggest K-pop boy bands in the world. BTS Army (BTS’ fandom) are one of the most dedicated fanbases ever. BTS Army is a huge community online and they are always seen jamming to BTS’ amazing tracks.

BTS member J-hope is one of the best dancers ever. While he leads the rap line and dance line, he managed to impress the Army with his solo project. Hope World was J-hope’s solo debut mixtape.

BTS Army is jamming to J-hope’s solo EP as they celebrate a Hobi Summer Party on Twitter. BTS Army has been sharing screenshots of what J-hope song they are grooving to with sweet messages. One wrote on Twitter, “Beyond that boundary line over there Let’s feel it -HOBI “Daydream” #HobiSummerParty @BTS_twt Keep on streaming ARMYDouble exclamation markPurple heart (sic).”

Another on shared lyrics from one of J-hopes’ songs.

Check out more Hobi Summer Party celebration by BTS Army.

Meanwhile, Kim Taehyung aka V ringed in his birthday recently on December 30. He went live on Vlive to great his fans and have a chat with them. V is mostly part of the visuals and vocal line in BTS. Taehyung also topped the list of  100 Most Handsome Faces of K pop Artist of 2020.

Stay tuned to this space for more BTS updates. Also, let us know what you jamming to for Hobi Summer Party.

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