#MeToo: Now actress Deepika Amin accuses Alok Nath of sexual harassment

Image Source - zee, facebook

Veteran actor Alok Nath has been accused by writer-filmmaker Vinta Nanda and actress Sandhya Mridul of sexual harassment and we now have one more actress doing the same. Deepika Deshpande Amin, a TV-and-film actress who has worked in films like ‘Sonu Ke Teetu Ki Sweety’ and ‘Fan’ to name a few, has stated that Alok Nath made sexual advances towards her during the shoot of a tele-film in 1995. She posted her ordeal on her Facebook account yesterday.

Taking to her Facebook handle, Deepika wrote, “Everyone in the industry knows that #AlokNath is an obnoxious drunkard who harasses women. Years ago on a telefilm outdoor shoot, he tried to barge into my room. He slobbered over women, drunk and created a scene. The unit rallied around me and made sure I was safe. #metoo”

Check out her post here:

In an interview to Firstpost, Deepika said, “I was young then. Alok Nath was playing my father (in the telefilm). It was an off day (on set) and everyone was in the hotel. It was morning around 10 AM or so and Alok Nath knocked on my door. I opened my door and there he was standing, leaning against the door” she said.

“He came in and sat down on the bed. I stood at the door, as I didn’t know what to do. I purposefully kept the door open as members of the unit were milling about. Then I saw an AD (assistant director), waved brightly at him, said ‘Hi’ and called him in. When he came in (to my room), he saw this person sitting on the bed, and he realised [what was going on]. He tried to help me. Alok Nath kept mumbling something (in a drunken state). And then he decided to go. While stepping out, he fell flat on his face, hit his head on the floor. He got up, lurched out and then walked away,” he added.

Alok Nath’s lawyer has now responded to these claims, as reported by ANI:

Actress Renuka Shahane lauded Deepika, Sandhya and Vinta for opening up on their ordeal.

We shall keep you updated with more on this soon.

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