I Salute Afzal Guru’s Death – Amitabh Bachchan

As the day began with the death of terrorist Afzal Guru, Bachchan Family Interacted with Media about their latest contribution to famous NG0 taking care of girl child.

When asked them for their reaction on Afzal Guru’s Death , Jaya Bachchan reportedly got angry and said “Don’t mix girl child with Afzal Guru,” said Jaya angrilly when probed about the death of the dangerous terrorist.

While Jaya Bachchan Remained Silent , Amitabh Bachchan Said “I am happy that Afzal Guru has been executed according to the law. Everyone should abide by the law irrespective of whoever he/she is and guilty should be punished. I salute the death of Afzal Guru.”

Jaya Bachchan still kept herself mum to comment on this Issue .