People Slams Shahrukh Khan On Twitter

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan has once again landed in a controversy because of his latest interview to Outlook Turning Points magazine. In the interview, Shah Rukh Khan speaks about how he became an “inadvertent object of political leaders”.

“I sometimes become the inadvertent object of political leaders who choose to make me a symbol of all that they think is wrong and unpatriotic about Muslims in India,”Shahrukh Said on Being Khan.

Apparently,Many Indian Politician got angry with the Shahrukh’s statement given to Business  magazine has mocked him on social networking site twitter..

Here are the few tweets against Shahrukh Khan.

@venky2000 -Indians have showered fame and fortune on Shah Rukh Khan, and yet he plays the Muslim victimhood card

Sadanand Dhume ‏@dhume01

Indians have showered fame and fortune on Shah Rukh Khan, and yet he plays the Muslim victimhood card: @venky2000

SonaliRanade ‏@sonaliranade

If a @SrBachchan is successful it is b/c he is a great artiste. If @iamsrk is successful, we are a great secular society. Really?

♥Mister India™ ® ♥ ‏@MeTalkTruth

Most of people would agree that @iamsrk has shown his “Secular” face color & mindset on innumerable occasions by his deeds actions or words.

SonaliRanade ‏@sonaliranade

Where @iamsrk is successful, we take the credit 4 it. When he critiques us, we blame him as an ingrate. Weird logic

Lipi Batra ‏@lipibatra

@iamsrk In such times,your statement isn’t apt. MT

Pallabi Dowerah ‏@iPallabiDowerah

What? Digvijay Singh has still not come out to support Shah Rukh Khan? What’s wrong with him?

Nandita Bayan ‏@bnandita

Shah Rukh Khan usin minority card,Hafiz callin him to Pak if he feels unsafe in India – another senseless & completely avoidable controversy

The Bad Doctor ‏@doctoratlarge

The good thing about Salman Khan is that he doesn’t use the minority victimhood card like Shah Rukh Khan. He only uses the dumb card

Rofl Indian ‏@Roflindian

Shah Rukh Khan a victim? Nonsense. Shilpa Shetty, Kajol and Juhi Chawla were the victims.

Mehdi Nisar ‏@mehdi_nisar1

SRK phans RT “@Freakish_Mee Shah Rukh Khan – The only worldwide Superstar .. So do respect for him instead of giving free publicity :/”

karina sood ‏@karinasood

Now that Shah Rukh Khan is wayyy past his prime, he is playing the victim card to enter politics in 2014. How predictable!!! Yawwwwwnnnn

The Bad Doctor ‏@doctoratlarge

Dear Shah Rukh Khan, have you considered that people who hate you don’t do so because u’re a Muslim, but because you’re needlessly arrogant?

snehal gandhi ‏@snehal_gandhi

Why is Shah Rukh Khan trending? Has he finally apologised to the world for releasing Ra.One? :-p

Pakhi Shukla ‏@pakhishukla21

I hope Shah Rukh Khan gets uninterrupted water supply in Mannat else he’ll cry foul that BMC is doing it because he’s a Muslim

AristocRat Miller ‏@YearOfRat

Shah Rukh Khan claiming to be a victim of being a minority is the biggest blow to Modi till date. Better luck in 2019, Modi, if SRK retires.

Kaushal Khati ‏@schlockmeister_

No doubt he totally lacks acting skills, but we cannot deny Shah Rukh Khan’s allegations of him being the victim of religion based politics.

Angry Punjabi ‏@AngryPanjaabi

Shah Rukh Khan might be having drinking problem..created nuisance in Wankhede,Fought with bollywood colleagues..But then. Nobody is perfect!

The UnReal Times ‏@TheUnRealTimes

Hope Hafiz Saeed realizes implications of Shah Rukh Khan shifting to Lahore along with KJo – romcoms like ‘cute jihadi of the year’

Aditya Paul ‏@adityampaul

Unfair. Shahrukh has been targeted, subtly using his identity as a Muslim to call him anti national

Sugata Mitra ‏@s_mitra15

Shah Rukh Khan is the Male version of Rakhi Sawant, The only difference is misplaced Gray matter, One has it at knee the other above head.