Prem Chopra’s shocking comment on Tannishtha Chatterjee’s comedy show controversy

Senior actor Prem Chopra recently responded on ‘Parched’ actress Tannishtha Chatterjee’s comedy show controversy and his response is shocking! Well, by now the entire country knows that Tannishtha Chatterjee had to face the wrath of racist jokes on the reality show ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ that is hosted by Krushna Abhishek and the actress walked out of the show, as she did not like the racist jokes passed on her.

Now, actor Prem Chopra has commented on the controversy and you should be reading his comment to know the reason behind our shocked state of mind. He said, “I do not know if Tannishtha has taken up a social cause to prove to the world that dark colour is not a negative thing. As an after-thought, someone must have told her to take advantage of the situation to garner publicity. One has to learn to laugh at oneself. Even Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan make jokes about themselves. There are people who make fun of others, but when it is done to them, they just cannot take it. That’s unfair. One should not complain about what was said or take it seriously as the show’s concept is to make you laugh. It is all in good faith. If you cannot take a joke, you should not go on such a show.”

He further added, “I do not have hair on my head and cover it (my scalp) with a cap. They told me to remove it and then they cracked some jokes on my baldness. At the same time, I cracked jokes at their expense as well. This show is not about laughing at people, but laughing with them.”

His statements are appalling to say the least, considering the sensitive nature of the controversy. What do you think guys?

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