Rakhi Sawant on Tanushree Dutta: She is a lesbian and has raped me

Image Source - Economic Times and Times Now

Actress Rakhi Sawant has stooped to a new low and in a recent press conference, she has lashed out at Tanushree Dutta. Yes, once was not enough. In the latest press conference, Rakhi made some revelations which might leave you wondering what did you just see or hear.

Unlike her previous avatar, in the recent conference, Rakhi (clad in a saree) claimed that 12 years back, Tanushree was her best friend and raped her several times. She went on to add that Tanushree is a lesbian.

We had enough of #MeToo, now I want #SheToo to begin. Tanushree has raped me several times. Section 377 is now revoked in India. Tanushree got her head shaved. She is not a woman, she is a man,” she said.

She even shared an incident where they attended a rave party, and how Tanushree forced her to take “drugs”.

You can check out her entire interview here:

Earlier, responding on the Rs. 10 crore defamation case filed against her by Tanushree, Rakhi had threatened to file a Rs.50 crore case as a countersuit. With this press conference, we wonder, what exactly Rakhi is trying to prove. One thing is for sure, that you can have a hearty laugh after watching her media interaction video.

Now, let’s see what Tanushree Dutta has to say about Rakhi’s allegations. Till then stay tuned.

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