What to expect from Kajal Aggarwal’s horror web show Live Telecast!

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Kajal Aggarwal who has juggled projects in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi cinema for almost 15 years finally made her OTT debut with Live Telecast on Disney Hotstar. Directed by Venkat Prabhu, the Tamil series has will see Kajal as Jennifer Matthews, a TV show producer, who wants to make a Bigg Boss-themed horror show.

My character, Jenny, is obsessed with the TRP rat race and she wants her show to become a big hit. A lot of fake paranormal activity is created as part of the show, but all of a sudden, it gets real, and Jenny gets stuck in her own creation,” reveals the actress in an interview.

As the series premiered today what can we expect from this horror flick?

If we go with the online reviews it’s not great. The series is a thin line between fiction and reality. The biggest loophole of the series is the execution by the director. The series has seven episodes and a running time of over 3.5 hours but sadly there is not a single moment that has some great emotional value.

The series revolves around a TRP driven television crew led by Jenifer Matthew (Kajal) who runs a reality show called Dark Tales. Dark Tales basically parodies the controversial Tamil talk show Solvathellam Unmai. In this talk show, the common people discuss their family matters. The format of dark tales is people will share their experience with paranormal activities. The show’s anchor Aravind is played by Daniel Annie Pope has no emotions for his guests.

It is sad to see the director’s lack of awareness of certain things. His ideas are quite old, especially a scene in which he has introduced the police character AC Guru played by Selva. The series went out of control when the Ghost actually does appear and starts misbehaving with the crew.

Since the plot is very vague, Venkat Prabhu throws some other elements like various romantic overtures of the crew members. The only relationship that gets proper shape is the one involving production designer Sekar and costume designer Kalai. Vaibhav and Kayal Anandhi, who play these characters, are also among the better performers in the series.

Sadly Kajal’s performance is not that great and easily forgettable.

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