Salman Khan: I won’t be Salman Khan without my family

Superstar Salman Khan says his on-screen persona is nothing but an amalgamation of various traits of his parents, siblings and close friends.

The 50-year-old ‘Sultan’ actor says he is incomplete without his family, and owes his stardom to them.

“Most of my personality is bits and pieces of my Brothers, sisters, my father, mother, some friends of mine. Whatever happens in the house, whatever jokes are there, I can use the platform of movies and TV, and you will see that Salman Khan, ” the actor told reporters.

“But that Salman Khan is incomplete without a Sohail Khan, Arbaaz, Arpita, Alvira, Salim, Salma. There is no personality to Salman Khan if these people were not in his life,” he said while launching tennis star Sania Mirza’s autobiography ‘Ace Against Odds’ last evening.

The ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan‘ star feels lucky to have his loved ones supporting him, especially when he looks at others, who are managing things on their own in the industry without the backing from their families.

“Most important thing is a family that is supporting you. There are some families where parents don’t support their children, but those kids have it in them to prove the parents wrong,” he said.

“First the film industry was considered a taboo, a lot of youngsters who left their homes and came here, made it big in the industry. I think it is just the worry of the parents that ‘what will happen to my child in the end’,” Salman said.

Inputs from PTI