Shiney Ahuja files a case against ‘Great Grand Masti’ makers

Seems like the trouble for makers of ‘Great Grand Masti’ is a never ending one. After going through a particularly harrowing time with the online leak of the movie, the movie was finally released a week before its scheduled date, on July 15, and the makers got some respite. However, their happiness was short lived as soon after, actor Shiney Ahuja filed a case against them.

It so happened, that the maid in the movie has been named Shiney, thus stirring the infamous case involving Shiney Ahuja and his maid. The actor got miffed at the reference and immediately filed a case against the makers of the movie. A source from Shiney’s legal firm has apparently sent a legal notice, as they believe the makers did this on purpose, trying to cash in on the controversy which has clouded the life of Shiney.

Shiney’s lawyer says that the producers’ Balaji Motion Pictures and Maruti International have been charged under Criminal Contempt as defined under Section 2(c) of the Contempt of Court Act 1971.

As far as the case is concerned, Shiney Ahuja has pleaded for an appeal that had sentenced him to a seven years jail term against his March 2011 conviction. The hearing of his appeal is under progress before the Bombay High Court and hence sub judice.

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