EXCLUSIVE: I was told ‘if you get married, you are done’: Subhashree Ganguly opens up on age-shaming

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Subhashree Ganguly is one of the most popular name in the Bengali film industry. She is all set to make her digital debut with Hoichoi’s web series – Indubala Bhaater Hotel. We caught up with the actress for Bollywood Bubble’s Xtraordinary You where she spoke at length about her journey – how she started, delivering back to back hits, being a method actor and a lot more. The actress also addressed several judgements- from people claiming that an actress’ career is over after marriage to some questioning her decision to do a web series. Read on to know.

Indubala Bhaater Hotel is unique and Subhashree is playing two stages of life. When asked if it was challenging or if anybody told her why she is aging in the film, the Parineeta actress said, “First of all lot of people told me that, ‘are you doing a web series, why?’. It was like that. I said ‘just like that’ but in my mind, ‘dude, you need to get that role, you know’. Indubala is an intense journey and I am really thankful to the entire team of Hoichoi that they have imagined me as Indubala. Because, it’s going to stay with me-the process, and I am a method actor. So, I really enjoy the process before shooting and during shooting, I definitely enjoy. Being that character or create the character or giving birth to that character.

She added, “When I came to the industry, I was 17 year old. That time, everyone used to tell me, ‘heroines are for 10 years and if you get married, you are done’. Time has changed and thankfully, people think in a different way. And we are also doing different movies and contents.”

Watch the full interview of Subhashree Ganguly here.

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