Who sent Shahrukh Khan flowers?

Sharukh Khan had made a declaration on women’s Day, that he will have his Heroine‘s name appear before him ,on the credit roll of his movies.Starting with Rohit Shetty’s ‘Chennai Express‘ , the industry thought it was a cool gesture on Shah Rukh Khan’s part,while we hear that the co-star of his upcoming film Deepika Padukone is quite elated at the news, sources tell us SRK also received a large bouquet of red roses from another team of impressed girls. The girls in question are part of the cast of Anubhav Sinha’s next film based on a group of women outlaws.

As per sources “Mahie Gill, Tanishtha Chatterjee and the others are very gung-ho about the actor’s decision. Since their film too is based on a group of women, who took up arms to protest against domestic and social violence towards the fairer sex, they wanted to say thanks to SRK.”A source close to Anubhav confirms the buzz and states, “Yes, the girls sent flowers to Shah Rukh.”
No wonder Sharukh Khan has a huge female fan following.