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Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan made the internet rofl as they dragged Hugh Jackman into their recent fanboy moment. It all started a few days ago when Stray Kids performed a mashup of their song God’s Menu and BLACKPINK’s DDU-DU DDU-DU on the Korean show Kingdom: Legendary War. The whole performance was inspired by Ryan’s hit movie Deadpool. Stray Kids paid a tribute to the movie and it is no secret that Bang Chan is a huge Ryan Reynolds. After the Stray Kids performance went live, a video began to go viral made by a fan that had a crossover of the Kpop group’s performance and a scene from Deadpool.

To this, Ryan replied on Twitter saying, “Oh Hello”. Talking about Ryan’s reaction, Bang Chan said in a live stream, “I did not expect the one — the almighty one, the one — the Ryan Reynolds to actually see our performance. That was actually crazy. I was really lost for words.” Chan further said, “You guys know that I really, really like Ryan Reynolds, not [just] ‘Deadpool’, but every other movie he’s been in, the original Wolverine movie as well. The stuff that he does now, as well, I’ve been keeping up with it. I think he’s an amazing person, very funny.”


Later, this Sunday, Reynolds took to his Twitter account and responded to Bang Chan’s message as he shared a picture of a signed Aviation Gin bottle by him. But he did not post a pic without taking a hilarious dig at Hugh Jackman, “First, I have your autograph right here, Bang Chan, Will send to you this week. Second, as a new @Stray_Kids fan, can I get an autograph? #NewFavouriteAustralian.”

To this Bang Chan played along and shared a pic of his autograph while apologising to Hugh Jackman, “I also have two things. First, an autograph for you? Already on its way. Along with some other goodies that might suit the Red Suit. Second, sorry @RealHughJackman #TheNewFavouriteAustralian.”

Reynolds’ and Stray Kids’ fans, who are called Strays were having a field day on Twitter over the interaction between the artists.

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