EXCLUSIVE: The King’s Affection cast Rowoon, Park Eun-bin, Nam Yoon-su on taking risks, bond, fav Indian film

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Park Eun-bin, SF9’s Rowoon, and Nam Yoon-su came together for the first time for the historical drama The King’s Affection. Airing on Mondays and Tuesdays, The King’s Affection chronicles the story of a female princess who disguises herself as a King, and the never-ending hide and seek with those in power with a backdrop of a beautiful love story.

The King’s Affection airs on the KBS network, a leading channel in South Korea. While Park Eun-bin has been a dedicated actress who started off as a child actor, Rowoon got his first big acting gig in Extraordinary You.

Bollywood Bubble reached out to the amazing cast of the show via an email interview and got them to speak about their bond onscreen and off-screen. The trio also shared if they have any favorites in Indian movies and if they would like to visit India anytime soon given the K-wave aka Halluya wave that has taken over the country in the last 2-3 years, especially. Excerpts from The King’s Affection cast interview are below:

To Park Eun-bin:

Q: You have proven your versatility with several projects including Do You Like Brahms? where you play a violinist as well as The Ghost Detective, and Stove League, which got you a lot of nominations and awards. You started off as a child actor and have only evolved since then. While many would become complacent with sticking to a particular genre, you have constantly hustled and tried different things. What inspires you to do that, take those ‘risks’?

A: You may think that I’m taking ‘risks, but I’ve just literally taken on new ‘challenges’. I’ve worked on one project after another ever since debuting in 1996 and I think what drove me forward all this time was the urge to try something different, something new rather than making safe choices. It’s always scary and nerve-wracking to try something new but I can feel that I’m becoming more mature every time and this is a very fulfilling experience. I put a lot of thought into what I can do, learn lessons through trials and errors, and find what I have to improve. I’m trying to take one step at a time, looking for what makes my heart sing.


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Q: How will you describe your offscreen bond and the on-screen bond?

A: Park Eun-bin: We would never stop talking unless we had to go into a shoot. Since we’re all around a similar age, everyone’s interested in the same things and it’s much easier to talk to each other about our concerns about acting. The chemistry couldn’t have been better, and I think this really shows how comfortable we look in front of the camera. I feel very grateful to everyone.

Rowoon: I was so happy to work with my co-stars, to the extent that I didn’t even think about differentiating offscreen and onscreen. The shooting schedule was sometimes tiring, but I was really excited to discuss the scenes with my co-stars.

Nam Yoon-su: As mentioned above, the cast of this series were all peers. It was comfortable and fun to work with one another. Also, when reading the script, we were able to communicate and freely share our own opinion, which made the shootings more enjoyable. You can check out our true chemistry on screen.

Q: India especially has seen a huge rise in K drama lovers today. Do you have plans to visit India to promote their respective projects? Any Indian film or series you watched?

A: Park Eun-bin: I remember being very touched by the Indian film <Black>. My professor had recommended it for me in college. I would love to visit anywhere in the world if my fans would have me, not just for promotions but to see them in person. I am always deeply grateful for all their love and support that transcends borders, language, and culture.

Rowoon: I really like the strong energy and fun vibe of Indian films, and I definitely would like to visit, if I get the opportunity to do so.

Nam Yoon-su: I have never been to India, but I would like to visit and meet the fans if I get the chance. I am a fan of “3 Idiots,” a very popular movie in Korea. I watched it a lot in school, because it’s a movie not just with comic elements, but also there’s a lot of takeaways.

The King’s Affection has aired 6 episodes so far and is receiving a lot of love, not just in Korea but also in India.

What are your views on The King’s Affection cast interview?

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