Ananth Mahadevan's exclusive interview on 'Aksar 2'

Ever since the first trailer and songs ‘Aaj Zid’ and ‘Tanhaiyaan’ from ‘Aksar 2’ released, it seemed the film had ‘erotic thriller’ all over it. However, time and again the cast of the film, Zareen, Gautam and Abhinav have been denying the same. Director Ananth Mahadevan too resonates with their statement and claims that ‘Aksar 2’ is a suspense drama and not an erotic thriller.


“It’s not an erotic thriller. It’s just that the first trailer that came out had some shots that were strung together which were the shots from the movie. I mean a kiss here and a song there doesn’t make it an erotic thriller at all. When you see the film, you’ll understand it’s not and then I don’t want people to come with the notion that this is another follow up to Zareen’s ‘Hate Story 3’. It certainly is not a ‘Love Games’ or a ‘Hate Story 3’. It is film noir as you know it, suspense as we all want it to be. I mean even in Hitchcock’s (Alfred Hitchcock) films there were kissing scenes, but that didn’t make them erotic. All Scorsese’s (Martin Scorsese) thrillers have kissing scenes, James Bond films have kissing scenes, but they are not erotic films,” Mahadevan explains. (Also Read: Why 11 years between ‘Aksar’ and ‘Aksar 2’, reveals director)

So ‘Aksar 2’ is much more than just a few intimate scenes that we saw in the trailer and the songs.

Also starring Mohit Madaan, the film is slated to hit the screens on November 17, 2017.