Kuttey REVIEW: Arjun Kapoor, Radhika Madan give an interesting twist to the dog and bone game in this heist thriller

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Film: Kuttey

Director: Aasmaan V Bhardwaj

Star Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Tabu, Arjun Kapoor, Konkona Sensharma, Kumud Mishra, Radhika Madan & Shardul Bhardwaj

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 3.5 stars

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Kuttey Movie REVIEW:

‘Sab paisa ka khel hai Babu bhaiya’ – I don’t know why but this dialogue from Hera Pheri struck my mind after watching Kuttey. The movie tells us how a human being can go to an extent for money, some can change themselves while some can easily betray your trusted aides in order to get it all and Kuttey exactly narrates a story of how a bunch of people struggle to get a huge prize for themselves that only leads to destruction. If I’ve to describe Kuttey in one word review, then it would be interesting.

The story of about a few groups of people who are completely unaware of other groups goes out on a mission, a heist mission after learning that a truck of cash is in a van. Thirsty for money, they then make a plan to seize it but little did they know that they are not the only ones who are being the huge prize. Well, when you know that there’s only one bone and 10 hungry dogs, you can understand the chaos and war among them. I like how Aasmaan Bhardwaj who is also a screenplay writer adapted the dog and bone game in his movie. The metaphor used in the movie is quite fascinating and unique.

When the game starts, you then get to understand the chaos and gameplay of each dog chasing for the bone. It was quite enthralling to see the Chase game. Since dogs are always known to be loyal friends, Kuttey movie shows how they can become selfish regarding hunger.

Nevertheless, the first half of the movie seems a little cluttered and it leads to confusion. Honestly, in the first half, I was having a little hard to keep up with story as a lot of things were going on. Moreover, it is the Konkona’s part that leads to more confusion. I didn’t see the revelance of that character or her part in the movie. It seems quite vague. However, things picks up from the second half which piques my interest. In fact, the story takes the fast track when things started to fall into places and that makes it an interesting watch.

When it comes to thriller, you don’t expect much of humour but Kuttey proved to be otherwise. The stubble yet noticable humour in the movie will surely crack you up. Don’t expect hardcore jokes but in such movies, it is the situational comedy that leaves you in splits.


Kuttey is high on Vishal Bhardwaj’s direction even though his son Aasmaan V Bhardwaj is the one who has directed the movie. I was constantly reminded of Vishal’s style when I actually wanted to see Aasmaan’s flavour in it. Kuttey’s look and feel reminded me of Haider or Kaminey, maybe they have also used the Dhan Dhan song too in the movie but I couldn’t find anything new when it comes to direction. I’m sure Aasmaan has a unique style and I’m eagerly waiting to see what is different from his father’s style.


It is a tale of a group of people who are thirsty for money. The teams make a heist plan when they found out a van is carrying crores of cash. One rainy night on the outskirts of Mumbai. Unaware of each other, three stray gangs cross paths on the hunt. Unfortunately, all of them have the same plan. It’s every man for himself, all the dogs after one bone. Will these dogs bite the bone or will they lose to greed?

Star Performances: 

Arjun Kapoor is getting better with each movie, and I really like it. After seeing him in an intense role in Ek Villain Returns, Arjun brings out a freshness in Kuttey. Talking about his character, he is like a Chameleon who changes his colour according to the scenario. He goes to the people who can give him some benefits or can use them to gain some profit. He will not think twice to betray your trusted man. I like how Arjun brings a little mischieveness to the character that instantly becomes likable.


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Tabu, as usual, leaves me stunned with her performance and well, in Kuttey, she is remarkable. From her casual attitude to becoming a stern police officer, Tabu’s transition is commendable. This is probably the first time where I have seen Tabu in such a ruthless character and it is quite interesting. She has a very edgy character that makes you wonder if I should trust her or not.


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Kumud Mishra also plays a phenomenal role in the movie. He aces in every department, so no complaints here. However, Naseeruddin Shah, Konkona Sensharma and Shardul Bhardwaj have delivered their best and tried to justify their character with limited screen space. In fact, all of them are seen in like 5-7 mins in the movie but everyone essayed an impactful role. Coming to Radhika Madan, I still didn’t feel connected towards her. In all the movies that I have seen of her, Radhika seems quite rigid and well, Kuttey is one of them. Sometimes, it feels like she is forcing herself with those emotions which is off-putting.

Direction/ Screenplay:

I have already spoken about the direction in the drawbacks section, hence, I won’t repeat it. Speaking about the screenplay, Aasmaan wrote it very smartly. He used the dog and bone game as his metaphor to explain the human’s selfish nature. The plot is quite riveting which will leave you quite hooked till the end. Nevertheless, despite offering a refreshing screenplay, Aasmaan leaves in bewilderment when Konkana’s character was introduced in the movie, I honestly, didn’t understand the relevance to the movie, (Also, would love to hear the explanation of her character.)

I like how Aasmaan segregated the film like a book where he included prologue, chapters and epilogue. The concept or the style is supremely fascinating and quite unique. It automatically grabs my attention when ‘an explored’ theme is unleashed in the movies. What did bother me was the chaotic story in the first half. I wish it nicely explained.


Arjun Kapoor and Radhika Madan starrer Kuttey offers a refreshing screenplay in this heist thriller Kuttey. The movie is raw, gritty and intense with the right dose of humour. Whereas Aasmaan makes a confident and promising directorial debut that is backed my strong performances by the cast. Though the hiest thriller has some flaws, it will surely amaze you with its unique concept and fresh story.

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