An Action Hero REVIEW: Ayushmann Khurrana breaks his social drama image with his power-packed action, Jaideep Ahlawat is natural in this enthralling plot

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Film: An Action Hero

Director: Anirudh Iyer

Star cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Jaideep Ahlawat

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 3.5 stars

An Action Hero Movie Review: 

First, let me talk about Ayushmann Khurrana’s character in An Action Hero before I get on with the review. It’s a refreshing change to see Khurrana in an action role after doing a streak of social dramas. Yes, that’s why I have also mentioned it in the headline because it is quite eye-pleasing to see him picking other genres and challenging himself as an actor. Now, speaking about the movie is about a superstar who finds himself in the hot waters when he accidentally kills a politician’s brother. To seek revenge for his brother’s death, the elder brother name Bhoora (Jaideep Ahlawat) goes on a mission to hunt the man down and this leads to a Chase game.


Youth Icon! Superstar! Action Hero! At the age of just 30, Maanav was at the peak of his career when he got caught up in an accident while filming in Haryana. Maanav, who was once a household name, is now living in hiding. Fans used to run behind him to take autographs and selfies now people are running behind to either seize him or kill him. But did Maanav really was the reason for the accident? Will he be saved and come back to his normal life?

Star performances: 

I used to like Ayushmann Khurrana for picking social dramas that he presented with a dose of humour. However, it is indeed a refreshing change to see Ayushmann doing the action. This is probably the first film where we get to see Khurrana in action mode and oh boy, he killed it. He proved that he can ace all genres and well, here’s the proof. You will find his actions rehearsed in some places but I’ll give it to him for pulling off the high-octane stunts with dedication if not with ease. Apart from shedding off the social image, Ayushmann also dropped the boyish charm as he is seen flaunting his chiselled abs and toned jawline. Ayushmann looked hot AF!

What can I really say about an actor like Jaideep Ahlawat? He is in that group of actors who don’t play the lead role but still steal all the limelight with their par excellence act. I mean his normal straight face also speaks so many emotions that you can easily connect to him. There’s a scene where Ayushmann abandons him in the middle of a fight and the expression that Jaideep gives is simply unmissable. All he does is provide a straight face look but you can quickly feel his frustration. It is too good.


Anirudh Iyer, who is the movie’s director, has nicely executed but also brings out a jumbled screenplay in the second half. At one point it doesn’t seem like a continuous movie but it feels like the director is only striking off the points from his checklist because that’s how vague it looks. I like how they added humour and flavour without making it look forced. Maybe because of the sassy exchange of words between Bhoora and Maanav or the silent treatment that is often been seen given by Bhoora which is quite entertaining.


The songs in the movie are fine. Nothing is catchy apart from the revamped versions of Jeda Nasha and Aap Jaisa Koi. The former song also stars Malaika Arora and she sets the dance floor on fire for sure. Her sizzling moves and hotness quotient will grab your attention.


An Action Hero started off by showing a murder, the thriller, the cat and mouse chase game and then in the second half, it was ‘what is happening?’ I actually enjoyed the first half, leaving me all intrigued to know what is going to happen next. Will Bhoora be able to catch Maanav? But sadly, by the time I reached the second half, I lost interest when unnecessary things were getting added to the story. Adding the underworld and suddenly turning an action hero into a national hero seemed quite off. There was actually no relevance to the story and it made me feel a little tiring by the team I reached the climax.

Going by the poster of An Action Hero where we see Jaideep and Ayushmann giving each other death looks, it was certain that we are going to see an epic battle between the two head honchos but it is not delivered to me. There is a face-off between the two where we see them charging against each other but I didn’t feel the impact.


Overall, it is eye pleasing to see Ayushmann Khurrana in a different role, shifting from his social-drama image. He will surely impress you with his power-packed action avatar and chiselled body. On the other hand, Jaideep Ahlawat is such a natural who plays his part with utmost conviction. The plot can be a little confusing and tiring but Anirudh Iyer puts up a good engrossing movie to watch. Going with the 3.5 stars because of Ayushmann’s action mode, Jaideep’s impactful performance and the first half of the film.

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