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‘One Day: Justice Delivered’: A clichéd crime drama that fails to hit all the right notes

Directed By: Ashok Nanda

Produced By: Ketan Patel and Swati Singh

Cast: Anupam Kher, Esha Gupta, Kumud Mishra

Bollywood Bubble Rating: 1.5/5

Even an accomplished performance from Anupam Kher (retd. judge Tyagi) can’t save this movie from sinking. At several places, you are amazed at how incompetent the police Force can be. And at other places, you are left wondering about WTF just happened!

Starting with the plot of the movie, it’s based around a criminal who is making sure that several high profile people go missing. Who is this criminal? Why does he do what he do? Well, we would have told you but our job is not to give spoilers.

Esha Gupta, who plays Crime Branch Officer Laxmi Rathi, fakes a North Indian accent atrociously. In one scene, she is seen hitting a suspect and interrogating him. The blood on his body is so fake, you wonder if it is a school annual play that they are shooting for. I can understand budget constraints, but how expensive is it to show authentic looking blood?

There are also a lot of cringeworthy scenes, where the main criminal (we don’t tell you who) tortures the people he kidnaps. In one instance, he attaches small diwali bombs on a person’s body. He sets them off one by one and we are left to witness a gory scene.

Minus points for the two unnecessary dance numbers that add nothing to the story.

Final verdict: 

Watch it only if you want to ruin one day of your life.

Watch trailer: 

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