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Film: Middle-Class Love

Director: Ratnaa Sinha

Star cast: Prit Kamani, Kavya Thapar, Eisha Singh, Manoj Pahwa

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 2/5 stars




Middle-Class Love Movie Review: 

College romances and college days will always be special for everyone. From chilling with friends in the canteen to bunking the classes, everything about college was golden. That was the golden period that one would love to cherish for the rest of their life. But apart from the fun part, it is the college where we fall in love or even have multiple crushes. Well, Middle-Class will remind you of your college days and will surely make you a little nostalgic. Ample of Bollywood movies are made on college romance including Ishq Vishq, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Student Of The Year, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and many more. But what is so special about Middle-Class Love that we haven’t seen or experienced before? Well, I would say nothing.


The movie shows the hustles of the boy that comes with being middle-class and what happens when a middle-class boy goes for a girl out of his league, to break out of his own shackles. A Gold digger boy treats a popular rich girl as the VIP ticket to a luxurious life which seems a bit disturbing. As you see the film, you are sure that Yudi will try to woo the popular girl in the college but it gets quite predictable when he falls for the girl who he dislikes. Then comes the drama when he breaks their hearts. Middle-Class Love is pretty predictable and hence, there’s nothing that will make you hold on to this film.

Since the name of the film suggests Middle-Class Love, I was hoping to see a middle-class person’s love and how their love story but unfortunately, I didn’t see any of it but a life of a teenager and his frustration with being middle-class.


A young college boy name Yudhishthir aka Yudi is frustrated being in a middle-class family setup and wants to break chains from the status. He wants a luxurious life for himself unlike his father and hence, opts for a fancy college. In order to live a middle-class free life, he sets himself on a mission to find love and to fall for the richest girl and the popular girl in the college. Yudi thinks that to be the ideal way to get out of it. But will Yudi find his ideal love? Will he be free from the middle-class status?


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Star Performances:

Prit Kamani plays the role of the notorious college student Yudhishthir Sharma aka Yudi whose only goal in life is to be cool. He enrols himself on the richest college Oakwood University, hoping that he would find someone and can look cool. Considering that he is playing a college student, Prit does a fair job. He ensures to entice you with his boyish charm and his million-dollar smile. The last I saw Prit was in Jersey starring Shahid Kapoor and Mrunal Thakur. After playing a mature character, Prit is really proving his mettle in acting. Though I have seen him playing a notorious character or a lover boy before, I’m looking forward to seeing this handsome man in some meaty or at least a character that has a lot of depth in it. I wonder how will he pull it off.


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Kavya Thapar makes her Bollywood debut with Middle-Class Love by playing the role of Ms Popular. She is Saisha Oberoi who is the diva of the college. Everyone just wants to be friends or be her boyfriend due to her popularity. However, she has a pure heart. Unlike other popular girls that we have seen in previous films, Saisha’s character is bold but not bitchy, she is feisty but not rude, she is considerate but not mean. This is what I liked about the character but speaking about her performance, Kavya did a fair job for her debut movie. Don’t want to be harsh because she just started her acting career, hence, Kavya as Saisha is good.


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Eisha Singh also makes her Bollywood debut with Middle-Class Love where she essays the role of Ash, the sweet and simple girl who looks tough from the outside and could you kill you with her looks but is actually a sweetheart or as her Instagram caption says ‘a cinnamon roll’ from the inside. Eisha too looks quite good and did a commendable job in the movie.


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Manoj Pahwa plays the role of Yudi’s father in the movie and he does a fantastic job as a father. Right from schooling a kid to showcasing his vulnerability as a father, Manoj’s fatherly trait is quite relatable and he does it with utmost finesse.

Direction/ Screenplay:

After directing Rajkummar Rao and Kriti Kharbanda starrer Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana in 2017, director Ratnaa Sinha returns with a coming-of-age story set in the middle-class milieu, Middle-Class Love which offers nothing new to the audience. It brings the same story of a college romance we have seen forever. Ratnaa also writes the story and it makes me wonder what’s so special about the film. The only newness to the film is that we don’t get to see the dramatic love triangle between the trio and phew, which saved me from a lot of drama.

The screenplay was written keeping the youth in mind but the second half seems like a drag to me. It could have easily been a little cohesive and may have wrapped the movie in 2 hours. The makers sold the movie on how the Middle-Class Love looks like and well, I couldn’t see any of it. Ratnaa tries to make this movie relatable to people by showing us the aspects of being in a middle class but it doesn’t come out as impressive as I had thought about it. To make it a full-blown Bollywood movie, Ratnaa also used all the formulas that are needed in a college drama.

Talking about the music, Himesh Reshammiya composed the music for the film which is catchy and trendy. I can see people totally falling for songs like Hypnotise or Naya Pyaar Naya songs. Right from a dream song to Ishq wala song and of course, a breakup song, Himesh has given us everything in this album.


Overall, Middle-Class Love is a light and easy-breezy film that offers nothing new to the table. If you like college dramas or romances, this might the pick for you but it is not as interesting as one might expect. I’m going with 2 stars for its breeziness and for showcasing the picturesque location of Mussoorie. The film captures the hilly terrain and quaintness of hill stations beautifully and it is definitely a treat for my sore eyes.

Watch the Middle-Class Love trailer after the review: 


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