Ranveer Singh, Rohit Shetty, Cirkus movie REVIEW
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Film: Cirkus

Director: Rohit Shetty

Star cast: Ranveer Singh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Pooja Hegde, Varun Sharma, Murli Sharma, Sanjay Mishra, Jonny Lever, Ashwini Kalsekar

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 3/5 stars

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Cirkus Movie Review:

Whenever you go to watch a Rohit Shetty movie, expect full masala and dhamaal. Well, Cirkus does live up to that mark. Interestingly, you will not see a single car in the air this time but humans this time. LoL. Well, you will get to know that when you watch the movie. Remember Shetty’s Golmaal Again’s tagline? ‘Logic nahi sirf magic’… expect that from the Ranveer Singh starrer as well. Don’t look for logic or for sense in the movie but just enjoy the movie with your friends and family. If asked to review Cirkus in one word, then it is surely ‘entertaining’. I watched the movie with a clean slate and Cirkus entertained me with its quirky one-liners and situational comedies. Considering that it is inspired by the play, the comedy of errors, Cirkus too has some errors which are avertable if you watch the movie without making any sense.


Cirkus is about two sets of twins who are interchanged and are living different lives in different cities. However, confusion begins when both twins come to the same place, leading to hilarious situations. Interestingly, both twins are named Roy and Joy and this creates a roller coaster ride of confusion among people. However, we always see Rohit conveying a message through his movie and well, Cirkus is no exception. Through this movie, filmmaker Rohit Shetty also tries to convey the importance of humanity. He tries to say how the bloodline in the family is not important but the upbringing of a person is. Rohit backed this thoughtful message with humour.


Given the fact that it is a Rohit Shetty film, I was expecting cars flying, and more slow-motion shots; however, they all seemed to be missing from the movie. I know many were saturated seeing those scenes but hey, it is a Rohit Shetty movie, ye sab nahi hoga toh kya hoga? Since the movie is set in the 1960s, Rohit has made a set of that era which looks quite odd. Yes, Jodha Akbar’s mansion was a set, and yes, Gangubai Kathiawadi’s red-light area is a set but it looks quite genuine; however, the sets used in Cirkus seem quite off-putting. I wasn’t buying it at all. The other thing that is a problem is the VFX used by the RS team. It is quite shabby and in some parts, even irksome. Furthermore, it is the climax that seems too dramatic. I was hoping to see some dhamaaka and some hilarious moments; however, it seems a little stretched and dramatic.


Two sets of identical twins are accidentally separated at birth. Several years later, when they are coincidentally in the same town, there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when people mistake them for each other.

Star Performances:

Ranveer Singh as always leaves me impressed with his comical acts. From being the electric man to being an innocent small-town boy, Ranveer does a fine job here. The transition of both the characters is quite commendable as he does it with perfection. Yes, there are some scenes where I feel he has overdone it but his incredibly good looks, hot muscles and well-set hair distracted me, so I chose to ignore them instantly. (:p)

Jacqueline Fernandez and Pooja Hegde have limited screen time and both of them have done a great job in their parts. Whereas Varun Sharma as the sidekick hero is just fabulous. His comic timing and facial expressions are on point and that is why it is always a delight to watch him doing such roles onscreen.

However, I think there are three people who absolutely stole the show with their presence and they are Sanjay Mishra, Siddarth Jadhav and Johnny Lever. They have managed to tickle my funny bone with their fabulous performances. From their one-liners, punchlines to their expressions, Sanjay Siddharth and Johnny were hilarious in the movie. I feel they were the actual heroes of the movie.

Direction/ screenplay:

Rohit Shetty didn’t add his basic element in Cirkus this time. Yes, we get to see quite a few minimal slow-motion shots but there were no cars flying in the air. However, I like how Rohit keeps all his movies so full of colours, making them look extremely flamboyant. Whenever you see his movies in the theatres, it automatically makes you think about the beauty of colours. It is eye-catching. It is quite appealingly that he didn’t flex his action quotient in the movie and let the story do all the talking. Speaking of which, Cirkus is a story that has some errors and flaws which might not click with some. In the trailer, I was wondering how he will join Cirkus with the Golmaal series and well, now I know. The connection between the two is quite intriguing.


Overall, Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty once again gave us a hilarious entertaining movie and well, their charms will do wonders. Cirkus gives a roller-coaster ride of emotions, laughter and a sense of oneness. Nevertheless, Sanjay Mishra, Siddarth Jadhav and Johnny Lever are show stoppers of this comedy-drama. Oh, a special mention to Deepika Padukone, she comes for a special song, Current Laga Re and it is quite electrifying.

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