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Film: Vadh

Director: Jaspal Singh Sandhu & Rajeev Barnwal

Star cast: Sanjay Mishra, Neena Gupta, Saurabh Sachdeva & Manav Vij

Bollywood Bubble Ratings: 3/5 stars

Vadh Movie Review:

The Sanskrit term ‘Vadh’ is usually used when a God or the Goddess slay the demons for the good of people and society. However, in Kalyug, the term has different meanings and alterations. Vadh (killing) is no more for good but it is happening for several inhuman activities. People are killing others out of jealousy, revenge, brainstorming, holding wrong perceptions, and out of love too. However, Sanjay Mishra and Neena Gupta starrer Vadh gives us the true meaning of the word which is both heartbreaking and shocking.


Talking about Vadh in this review, the movie is about a lower-middle-class couple Shambhunath Mishra and his wife Manju Mishra who are burdened with debts and are only struggling to survive with fewer resources. However, things only get difficult when a man named Prajapati constantly demands money back that they have borrowed as a loan for their son’s education abroad. Shambhunath’s life that a 360-degree turn when he commits a crime and that leads him to a mission to cover up all the evidence of the crime. But there’s more than meets the eye. Vadh is not just a passable thriller but a story that is just beyond your imagination.

Shambhunath Mishra leads a simple life with his wife Manju in Gwalior. He had borrowed some money from Prajapati so that his son can go to the US for higher education. But the son forgets his parents and leaves them alone with all the hitches. One day, Prajapati comes to Mishra’s house to ask for the money. Unable to fulfil his demands, Prajapati makes him an offer that makes Shambhunath to the drastic decision of killing him with his bare hands. Though the killing scenes are not explicitly shown, the background only adds more horror. You automatically create a mental image of what is going on behind the camera.

Considering that the murder was in the heat of the moment, Shambhunath cautiously plans the after scenario, making it a “perfect murder” plan. Sanjay Mishra and Neena Gupta showcase a different and intriguing definition of survival. The riveting plot will surely leave you shocked.

Moreover, Vadh has some resemblance to Ajay Devgn starrer Drishyam. Though both stories are on similar lines, it is the execution that sets them apart. While Drishyam obviously did wonders, Vadh somewhere lacks that.


Just like any movie, Vadh also has its flaws that are inevitable. First, Vadh is indeed pretty interesting but it raises quite a few questions as you watch the movie. Shambhunath is a tuition teacher, it makes you wonder how he had those sharp-edged weapons at his home. After committing a crime, a police’s way of investigation looks quite flimsy and vague, it just makes it too true to be real. At one point, it feels like Vadh is a story that is straight coming out of a Manohar magazine and hence, the thriller value doesn’t hit me hard enough. The scenes are abruptly edited in some parts, making it look like I have started a new episode. Moreover, there’s one scene when Shambhunath confesses his crimes to his wife who understands his situation first and then acts so normal like he just killed a rat and not a human. It seems absurd. Furthermore, it is the poor execution that is off-putting.


Shambhunath Mishra, a retired middle school teacher is living a mundane middle-class life with his wife Manju Mishra in Gwalior. Life takes a complete turn for the Mishra family when a situation gets out of hand and it leads to a killing at the hands of Shambhunath Mishra. Mishra ji has very little time to plan cautiously to turn this into a “perfect murder” and leave no trace behind.


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Star Performances:

Sanjay Mishra is often known for his comic timing but he is a revelation, to be honest. I have never seen him in this intense role before and Sanjay is indeed the hero of this story, not just the movie. Sanjay’s character has many shades and it will amaze you. From showcasing helplessness, and vulnerability to guilt, we see a different side of Shambhunath after the horrifying incident as he becomes more confident and strong. The character graph of Shambhunath is pretty fascinating and Sanjay Mishra playing the part is like the cherry on the top. He is absolutely phenomenal, you can easily feel his sorrow and pain as he emotes the emotions with certainty.

On the other hand, Neena Gupta who plays the role of Shambhunath’s wife Manju does a fair job. I won’t say it was a striking character but playing the vulnerable and defenceless wife also takes a piece of work. I like how she supported Sanjay Mishra’s character with utmost subtlety and innocence.

Saurabh Sachdeva plays the role of Prajapati and he plays his character with such sincerity that you are compelled to loathe him whereas Manav Vij as a Police inspector looks convincing.


Jaspal Singh Sandhu and Rajeev Barnwal are the director and writers of Vadh. As mentioned earlier, Vadh needs better implementation for grabbing the audience’s attention. No doubt, the story is quite riveting and can be even nerve-cracking but it looks promising on paper instead of on celluloid.


As we come to the end of the review, Vadh is surely a must-watch film that is backed by terrific performances by the cast, especially Sanjay Mishra. The story has all the potential to shake you from within as it delivers the unexpected.

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