Sidharth Malhotra, Rashmika Mandanna, Mission Majnu movie REVIEW

Film: Mission Majnu

Director: Shantanu Bagchi

Star Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Rashmika Mandanna,

Platform: Netflix

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 4/5 stars

Mission Majnu Movie REVIEW: 

Raw agent movies are quite fascinating I must say. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and only makes you wonder what’s going to happen next. Well, Sidharth Malhotra starrer Mission Majnu is one of those movies that demands all the attention from the viewers. To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed with the trailer of the film but I was waiting to see how the Mission Majnu movie turned out to be while writing the review. And much to my surprise, the movie was not a letdown. The spy thriller is thrilling and captivating.

I like how Shantanu Bagchi kept his main focus on the main plot rather than adding more drama and romance. The movie starts off by showing the sweet romance of Tariq and Nasreen (Sidharth and Rashmika Mandanna) and his small world in the country. However, right after 10 mins of the movie, we are introduced to his mission and the mission that he tries to fulfil with two other Indian men who are also undercover for many years.


However, one of the letdowns for me is forcing patriotism. In one of the scenes, when Sidharth Malhotra is actually expressing his love towards his motherland, the patriotism looked pretty forced rather than flowing naturally. Trust me, the patriotism in me didn’t wake me up but wondered why it is so dramatic. The other thing that was a drawback was the choreography of the action sequences, it looked rehearsed and patchy.


The untold story of India’s most audacious and daring covert operation in the heart of Pakistan. Set in the 1970s, a man named Tariq goes on a mission to extract all the confidential matters from Pakistan and is preparing to make a nuclear bomb in the country with the help of the wrong allies. However, the story shows how he brings out the crucial information and how he saves his motherland.

Star Performances: 

Sidharth Malhotra once again hits a six with his performance after Shershaah. He plays the role of an undercover RAW agent on a mission to extract the confidential matter of a nuclear project Pakistan is building to destroy India. He is extremely smart and despite his love for a Muslim girl, he doesn’t let it hamper his mission or his love towards the motherland. Sidharth dons the military coat again and must say, he plays his part to the T. There’s something about Sidharth when he plays the role of a soldier, you know he is breathing the character rather than just playing it. I like how he brings intensity and extra weight to these types of characters. After Shershaah, Sidharth has once again managed to spellbind me with his performance.

I expect a little more from Rashmika Mandanna. She essays the role of Tariq’s wife Nasreen who is blind and completely unaware of her husband’s true identity. She plays her part quite well, from being a helpless wife to being a supportive lover. Rashmika’s performance graph has definitely risen after her debut movie Goodbye and she is quite captivating.

Zakir Hussain, Sharib Hashmi and Kumud Mishra are gems for sure. They really don’t need more screen time to shine, their performances speak volumes and that’s what I liked the most. You know they really don’t need attention because they were that effortless in their own parts.


Overall, Siddharth Malhotra starrer Mission Majnu is engaging and sparks curiosity in all the right parts. You will be intrigued to see what will happen in the next scene and that’s what a spy thriller demands. On the other hand, the terrific performances by Sidharth, Kumud Mishra, Sharib and others only make it an interesting watch and hence, I’m definitely going 4 stars. Mission Majnu is a must-watch if you’re a sucker for spy-thriller or have a huge interest in undercover films.

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