• Movie Director: Manish Gupta
  • Cast and Crew: Vatsal Seth, Tulip Joshi, Mukesh Tiwari, Manish Gupta
  • Releasing Date: January 21, 2011
  • Music Composers: Virag Mishra
  • Lyricist: Virag Mishra
  • Production House: Matrix Media, Mirchi Movies
  • Fun Fact: Mukesh Tiwari was deliberately cast in the movie despite his old age to show how students in India try to gain political control by staying in the university for years.
  • Why it Made News: It was compared to Haasil and Gulaal for its similar subject.

Movie Synopsis:

Hostel follows the story of a guy named Karan, who enrolls in a university and goes on to reside in a hostel. He meets Akshay, who, with his friends, harasses him, beats him and then takes him to their leader Feroz. Feroz has been deliberately failing for years so that he can remain in political circle. He is expected to stand in local elections as well. Akshay is unable to concentrate on his studies and so decides to stand up against the injustices and teach the goons a lesson.

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