Always Kabhi Kabhi

Always Kabhi Kabhi
  • Movie Director: Roshan Abbas
  • Cast and Crew: Ali Fazal, Giselli Monteiro, Zoa Morani, Satyajeet Dubey
  • Releasing Date: June 17, 2011
  • Music Composers: Pritam Chakraborty, Aashish Rego, Shree D
  • Lyricist: Roshan Abbas, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Irfan Siddique, Prashant Pandey
  • Production House: Red Chillies Entertainment
  • Fun Fact: Shah Rukh Khan made a special appearance in the song ‘Antenna’.
  • Why it Made News: The film made news for being coming of age and mirroring the lives of youngsters from school. The film was praised for its right intentions of trying to bridge the gap between parents and teachers, and the kids who think differently from adults.

Movie Synopsis:

The film revolves around the lives of four students and their struggle through their final year at St Mark’s School. Sameer Khanna aka Shortcut Sam (Ali Fazal) is a teenager who falls in love with Aishwarya Dhawan (Giselli Monteiro) who is about to become a Bollywood actress. Tariq Naqvi (Satyajeet Dubey) and Nandini Oberoi aka Nandy Bull (Zoa Morani) love to fight and argue with each other, withput realising they are actually in love. Nandini’s parents have no time for her and she becomes a spendthrift frequenting illegal clubs and parties. Tariq, is under pressure from his parents to achieve their dream of studying in MIT. How their lives shape up and how they undergo a rollercoaster of emotions in their growing up days form the rest of the story.

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